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  • Caution Tape on May 13, 2012

    When you spend an all nighter reading a book that you have already read, yet still can't put down, then you know that that is one fantastic book. The characters are well developed, the interactions and dialogues witty and funny, the story fast paced with enough meat and juice, yet cohesive that you don't drown out the major plot... for short, Caution Tape is a must read. Fan girl mode: loooovvvvveeeeee the charcters, the story the plot... and S. Kay Lanphear is now in my list of authors to watch out for, along with n. roberts, j. mcnaught etc.
  • Road Signs on May 29, 2012

    FINALLY! :) you are an amazing writer... i haven't actually started this book yet but here i am dropping in a review. I am just so giddily happy that you have released your second book. and i have no doubt in my mind that this will be better, if not as good, as caution tape. kudos to you! and here i go, can't wait to start reading :) will be dropping in a review as soon as i can
  • Double Parked on Sep. 20, 2012

    wow! major wow! you are right book 3 is transitional.the way you have developed and molded your plot, your characters, makes this 3rd installment the most pivotal of all the books to date... the way you have woven the details together, tied up missing pieces of the puzzle in a way that is not overwhelming and confusing, and clearly conveying the feelings in each scene as if I (the one reading) was actually there with the characters... KUDOS! the bigger part of the picture is here... you have just taken us in a roller coaster of emotions and scenes that just simply made me hitch up my breathing, hold my breath, and expel a long held one. and i want more of it! I know that levi is not just simply the fbi agent who happened to be assigned rita's case... his background just makes me think that he's more involved in the whole affair, and not just because of rika... his blue eyes just made me think of other connections possibilities :) i honestly can't wait for book 4. I know you are still in the midst of finishing or revising it, but i am hoping that you'll get it out sooner or later. And I love how you developed eri's and hisoka's relationship. i am not sure how i would feel if they will be involved, but i do like the bond that they have formed for now. you just made eri look like a dashing prince in my eyes. though i almost cried when you burned perseus to death. how could you??? but all in all, i am as i always was, from the first time you posted this story in FF, a very very big fan of yours. will be eagerly awaiting book 4