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  • Lure on April 08, 2012

    Title: Lure Author: Brian Rathbone Rating: 3.5 stars Summary: Sam Flock is a good cop, but because of a paranormal experience during a job, she drove into the side of an ambulance, and she is suddenly off the force. In her search for answers she forms a paranormal investigation agency with her friend, Shells. They are among the worst paranormal investigators, however, they find something that is beyond their wildest imaginings. Review: I’d received this book for free from the Author for an honest and unbiased review, that is what I will give. While the story in and of itself, was good, there were a couple of things that jarred me while reading this book. There was some frustration over the fact that while the promise of plot was good, there was not a good delivery on it (which frustrated me to no end and I hate being frustrated while reading a book). There is missing details that were needed, side issues, and incomplete instances. There was a smoothness that was decidedly not there and that is something that irked me more than anything. I keep waiting for there to be some development, some growth for Sam, but it never really happened. There was no learning experience, there was no growth from where she was in the beginning of the story. Shell, really got on my nerves and because of this character I have for the most part stripped the word ‘dude’ from my vocabulary because it was just about every other word from her mouth. However, I did keep reading, because I do not often like to put down a book, stop reading it simply because it annoys me to no end (and to think of it I’ve only done that once). Despite all of the above, despite any complaints I was intrigued by the story, and think that it could have had a bit more development and some of the loose ends could have been tied up a bit more by the end of the story. Recommendations: Paranormal readers.
  • Shades of Grey on April 29, 2012

    Title: Shades of Grey Author: Michael Cargill Rating: 4/5 Summary: This is a collection of three stories where each of the main characters have one thing in common – the desire to survive. John is not very nice. James is a soldier for the British in WWII. Tom possesses a terrible secret. Review: Shades of Grey: British operative John, nicknamed many things, but one of them is “John the Baptist” has been abducted and is being tortured. This story is crude and tormenting, but it is fantastic and it leaves you with that dirty and dingy feeling of being in the mind of someone truly twisted. There and Back Again: This story is about James, a soldier during World War Two. It is action packed and filled with the savagery of war and the bonds that can form from those extreme circumstances. Down the Rabbit Hole: Tom, a young boy who is abused, soon finds that his stuffed rabbit is actually a help with his problems. Child’s toy soon comes to life and begins to aid him with his problems, however things eventually turn sinister and Tom’s happiness soon shatters. This collection of stories, though short, is filled with action and adventure with a dash of strange. I am not normally a fan of something so crude as the first story, but it was something that was well written and I do enjoy like it. The best story of the three in my opinion is the third story. All in all, a fantastic book and I truly did enjoy it. I thank Michael Cargill for giving me the opportunity to read his book in exchange for this unbiased and honest review. It was a pleasure. If you have any questions, comments or recommendations you can contact me at My reviews can be found here:
  • Children of the Gods - A Chosen Novel on May 04, 2012

    Title: Children of the Gods (A Chosen Novel) Author: Monica Mallard Rating: 5/5 A sincere thank you to Monica Mallard for offering this book for review via the group the Nexus. Summary: Reka a seventeen year old girl lived inside the City of the Gods. Everyone outside of the city thought they lived a perfect life never wanting for nothing, having all of their needs met. But they were so wrong inside the city they had no freedom, the one thing that they wanted the most. The gods told them what kind of music they could listen too, what foods they could eat. They lived a life of fear. At the next choosing, all at the right age were gathered. Reka was chosen, her world turned upside down. Review: FIVE STARS! Spectacular read. Reka, aged seventeen, was chosen at the current choosing and thus becomes the Queen of the Gods at Jaxson’s side. The relationship between Jaxson and Reka was fun to watch unfold, was unique in its way, and of course had its own hurdles to ensure that much like every other relationship it was not smooth sailing all the time. However, I did, despite my stellar rating find one thing a touch grating, we had no backwards knowledge into Reka and her “abilities.” They were just there, also what other “images” had she seen that we were not given privy to when Ayana had been bombarding her. I realize we saw some of the more potent ones, but what of the others? She had the essence/alien presence of someone who had been alive for close to a thousand years. The ending did seem somewhat jumbled, and a touch rushed, but I did enjoy the ending. The ending made me cry, but there was still a note of happiness within the ending and that gives me hope for the future of this character. I do hope that Reka will be seen again in subsequent books (if there are any in the works) and that we will get a bit more insight into her background as she continues to develop. If you have any questions, comments or recommendations you can contact me at My reviews can be found here:
  • Take Control - Erotica Romance Short Story on May 26, 2012

    Title: Take Control – Erotica Romance Short Story Author: Marion Francis Rating: 1/5 Summary: Austin meets Karen. There is sex. There is bad dialogue. That’s all. Review: Adult book. Adult review. Thank goodness this is a free book, or I would be crying at the waste of money spent on this fifteen minute, horrible story. I actually finished it, but couldn’t find the effort or the interest to give it anything higher than one star. The lines in this one are absolutely horrid, prime example is this little gem here: "Austin, I want to leave now. I want you inside of me melting your hot stick of love between my legs" and then there is this one here: "Yes baby release all that warm juice in me now" This book seriously is nothing more than Kindle smut, and bad smut at that, and very rarely do I stumble across something THIS bad that I couldn’t even take anything pleasurable away from it – aside from the ache in my sides from the laughter at some of those lines. I recommend this for a good laugh but not for that surge of pleasure from an erotic story. If you have any questions, comments or recommendations you can contact me at My reviews can be found here: Confessions of a Bibliophile Idle Musings and Random Things Cae's Smashwords Reviews