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Who the Heck is Cage J Madison??

Born in Australia in June of 1979 from a very young age, Madison discovered he could escape the harsh reality of the world by entering into the realm of his imagination. It was this that began what would end up becoming a life filled with weird and wonderful moments.

As the years advanced, he discovered the more he entered into this world, the less he felt the torments and ridicule (not to mention the constant bullying) he received on a daily basis growing up. Madison dreamed of one day breaking away from his nightmarish existence and becoming a full-time writer. Despite the constant setbacks and the lack of confidence (the overwhelming lack of support shown by family and friends didn't help much) he finally decided if he was ever going to make a go at being an author, he had to just get over himself and do it. So he did. Madison considered all he needed to do was write only one great book and he would be a success. "Isn't that the dream of every wanna-be author?" Madison says. "Let me tell you; I very quickly discovered that vision is not as easy as it sounds. I believe I'd have a better chance of finding a unicorn than writing that great book. But I love to write, so I keep tapping away and spilling those words onto the page. The many voices in my head help, too - they're all psychotic really."

Madison continually states that "writing is not a sexy lifestyle," but it's his kind of lifestyle, and he does believe one day he is going to come across that unicorn, in the shape of success.

He began his author career by writing a book entitled, "An Evolutional Journey for the Modern Man" (no longer in print) because before deciding to take his writing career seriously, he studied to become a performance coach to assist men in achieving their highest potential. "Evolution" soon became the book "How To Be A Superior Man" and with this new edition of the book, Madison pretty much thought he was on the path to achieving his dream as an author.

Following that first book, he published "Masterclass Seduction" and "Balance Incarnated," but this type of writing didn't feel right to him. He still writes non-fiction like those two books, but now keep that mostly to articles.

It was with his philosophical essay; "We Are the Fallen" when he began to discover his real writer's voice. The piece soon developed into a lengthy book entitled, "The Proclamation of the Demon in I," which, he warns people about because it "can be a very controversial book if read without an open mind." However, it was "Demon" that made Madison want to start focusing on his fiction and so at the beginning of 2018, he self-published my first fiction work, "Eye of the Snake" and he is ready to explode into the world of writing with more.

"I use a kind of unadulterated approach when it comes to my writing I suppose," Madison explains. "My creations, to me anyway, are an intensive process which could be seen clearly as a personal exorcism ritual. Or some trippy shit like that."

By exploring the concept of what he calls his "weird imagination" in an enthusiastic way (yes, it is somewhat fun to be inside Cage J Madison's head), he tries to challenge his readers by approaching a broad scale of subjects in a multi-layered manner.

"I like to try to involve you guys in a way that is sometimes physical and not just emotional. I believe in the idea of purpose following multiplicity in my books. I hope that I can establish a link between what we all consider to be real and that what is imagined, by allowing what I write focus on concrete questions that determine our existence."

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It All Ends In Time
Price: Free! Words: 5,310. Language: Australian English. Published: January 23, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Thriller & suspense » Supernatural, Fiction » Fantasy » Paranormal
What lies in wait behind the door? Only time will tell because time never ends...

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