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  • The Life and Times of the Legendary Joe Cuba on Feb. 06, 2011
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    The book for the most part was good. It was a little bazaar reading events that I lived through...My two issues with the book are as follows: the original dedication went to Joe Cuba's mom (my grandmother). That was changed after he passed by his second wife, who it is now supposedly dedicated to. My biggest issue though is the decade of the 80's is so out of sequence throughout the entire decade it doesn’t make sense, at least to me. And considering I was with the band that made the Colombia, Panama, Amsterdam and Venezuela trips in the early 80's and late 80's I think I know better. I spent a long time correcting his errors including verifying dates on my passport and sending them to him and yet the writer did not change his errors…very curious and kind of odd. Very vanilla especially if you knew him and the band… -Mitch