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I love Boats, Books, Beans, Bars, Beaches, Bears, Beards, Ballads, Bees, and Pirates ( I thought they were spelled Birates ) If I were an actor I'd be a villain. The one you'd root for. And I am not an author ( what the hell am I doing here...cause I am a creep. WAIT. wrong song ) I am a storyteller. So I woke up from a real coma feeling a little bit funny. If this how zombies feel when they come back from the dead, then wow, that's some feeling, no wonder I love brains now ( to meet and read, could eat later if they're so delicious ) My recently favorite are Kendare Blake, Amanda Hocking, and Nail Gaiman ( I mentioned him twice, yes, he is make me go wee when I read ) When I was kid, i was a bad one, the one who is just who is, they called me a monster. I wrote a book about that. Although I am older now, I still believe in what Stephen King said, "Grownups are the enemy." I have to go back to twitter, 140 characters help not to talk too much

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