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Smashwords book reviews by Cynthia Parker

  • Dirty Little Angels on May 18, 2011

    Very realistic look at urban New Orleans. Chris Tusa depicts his characters with such realism that they could live anywhere in the US. Having lived in Louisiana for several years, Tusa's writing brought back vivid memories of traveling to New Orleans. This book is not for children or young adults. It brings to light the turmoils a teenager has to deal to with in her family and friends. A must read for everyone to remind them how fortunate they are in life.
  • The Old One on Oct. 12, 2011

    The Old One holds a town captive as well as the readers of this book by Todd Brabander. Let your imagine picture what is keeping this town and passers-by captive and continue staying in this small northwestern town. The locals know who The Old One is and why they stay away, but do the passers-by? As one man who is passing through town learns the secret of The Old One, the reader will live the horror along with the town.