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David Buchannan has been writing short stories in the science fiction and fantasy genres for over thirty years. His first novel, entitled Do the Gods Weep As Well?, was published in 2000 under the name, "J. David Watson", and spent two weeks on the Forbes Book Club recommended reading list. It is available for purchase online in both trade paperback and e-book formats.

His current work started quite literally from a dream that he had many years ago. In it, he was piloting what would become the sandships of the world of Allden, in which the Pridewar universe is set. His hand was resting upon the planchette, as in this book, and he guided it across a vast desert through manipulating it forward and back, and side-to-side. While not mentally connected to the vessel in the way that the Navigators are, a sudden remembrance of this dream became the catalyst that began this series.

David has stated openly that it felt more as if he were "channeling" the book, rather than merely writing it. He began with absolutely no idea of plot or vision, nor character definition or even the remotest idea where he would take the story. "It just sort of evolved," he said. "It was more like I was transcribing what someone else was telling me."

David's other interests and occupations include sailing (for which he is a certified instructor), children's science education (with emphasis on watershed ecology and conservation), gourmet cooking, photography, videography, digital art, drawing, and musical composition and recording.

He lives now upon the waters of San Francisco Bay aboard a 32-foot sailboat called "Serenity" with his wife, Kellia, an investigative journalist and author in her own right, and one supremely hyperactive cat named Zoey.

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Smashwords Interview

Describe your desk
Typically, my desk consists of my lap, my laptop, whatever beverages and/or snacks I may be needing set somewhere within arm's reach (ideally)...that's the benefit of using a laptop is that I can take it with me wherever I may want to sit and write. It could be out in the cockpit of my sailboat, at a picnic table overlooking the bay, or just lounging on the settee. I have no designated "space" that I write. I used to, and I found that it became overburdened with useless things that I didn't need. After awhile, the collected "stuff" just had this energy about it that was rather disagreeable to me, so now it's just me, my laptop, maybe my cat, and whatever else is around and beside me. It changes all the time.
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
Well, this is, of course, assuming I ever "grew up"! I don't like to think of having done that. Rather, I just got older. But to answer your question, I've lived all over the place. From the dry plains of the South to the mountains of the North, boat coasts and even on up into Alaska. The longest I've ever lived in one location was for...well, let me check my watch. Seriously, it's been like that. Right now, I'm coming up on five years, but even at that, I've moved between two different locations...even if they were only five miles from one another.

Now, how this has affected my writing is simple: I have been exposed to many, many different cultures, backgrounds, people, regions, dialects, slang terms, you name it. It's made me more globally aware. Do I wish that I had settled down in one place? No...because then I wouldn't be who I am today, and I like the person I've become. This diversity has helped me to grow as a writer. I wouldn't change it for the world.
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Pridewar: Revelations
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A space opera set upon the world of Allden, a planet orbiting a rapidly dying star. Many tales, many lives...who will survive?

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