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"Cappy" aka Ray and Peggy aka "Pegody" live in sunny South Louisiana in Cajun country.
Peggy, a western New York transplant to Louisiana, is a mother and "young" grandmother, who has been a published poet since she was twelve years old. when her first poem, "The White Clouds of Love" was published in the local newspaper, her grandmother ran out and bought 20 copies to pass around the family. While she never published her short stories, her family always enjoyed reading them and encouraged her to do so. "WHEN are your going to write a book?" On the dean's list every semester in college, her professors also encouraged her to publish her stories, but, for her, the time was never right. While at Alfred State College, several of her poems were published in the school's publication, "ERGO" and she was invited to become one of the staff production editors. She was also placed on the Teacher of the Year committee. She then attended Rochester Institute of Technology, where she studied Art in the hopes of becoming a medical illustrator, but her aspiration was cut short with the death of her oldest son in an automobile accident. She became a graphic artist for a sign company in Rochester, NY designing signs.. She felt as though she had come full circle, having been raised in a family who had owned a sign company in Olean, NY for five generations. Her great-great grandfather, Hiram Ganoung, started the business by hand-lettering stage coaches. His son, Sam ran away and joined the circus when he was sixteen years old, became a clown, an acrobat, a vaudeville comedian and eventually, returned home to the sign business. As his grandchildren, Peggy and her brother, Dan, have also delved into the entertainment field--somewhat. Peggy, to community theater productions; a ""Cabaret"kit-kat girl one time, and surprising birthday 'victims', as a paid clown on other occasions. Dan, a professional drummer and comedic frontman for several local bands, continued his career as a commercial artist for sign companies. Cappy sez, "Ya can't swing a cat by the tail in your family without hitting an artist or a clown."
It wasn't until Peggy moved to South Louisiana and married the wonderfully colorful Cajun boat captain, that, in 2005, she began to co-write with Cappy, sharing their life adventures in silly stories and recipes on their blog, "Cappy and Pegody's World''. Their readers began asking that same question, "WHEN are you going to write a book?" Although Peggy has been fomenting for years about several books she would like to finally "get to", she has deferred to her Cappy's dream story, which he began writing when he was sixteen years old. They've had so much fun intertwining their writing styles, that their first book, "Space Freighter, Neo Eden" appears to be evolving into a series of six.
Cappy, a child of the 60's during the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo missions, developed a love for NASA and anything related to the "space race". The first book he can remember reading was a sci-fi novel. His love for Space and Science spurred him to get a degree in electronic engineering. Quickly tiring of the "back-stabbing, credit-stealing, ladder-climbing corporate life", he returned to one of the jobs that helped put him through college: working on boats along the beautiful bayous and byways of his beloved South Louisiana. Working as a boat captain for the next 30+ years, he spent many long nights looking up into the dark skies and dreaming of life out amongst the stars.
To help pass the time, he often 'wrote' stories in his mind. When he recently retired he decided to write the first of these stories as a book, building on the favorite story he began as a teen.
Ï give great heart-felt thanks to my beloved wife who lent her amazing writing, editing, and illustrating skills to make my dream come true."


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Space Freighter Neo Eden
Price: $7.99 USD. Words: 126,560. Language: English. Published: September 24, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » Adventure
SPACE FREIGHTER NEO EDEN is the first book in a series of six, about the adventures of a diverse crew of Aeronauts aboard an armed supply vessel, who are attempting to travel from planet-to-planet delivering merchandise and trade goods.

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