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  • Into the Night on Dec. 26, 2012
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    3,4 The book was given to me in exchange for an honest review, so here we go… First of all, I really wished I could give a better rate to this one, because I truly liked it. The main concept was innovative and interesting, and the basic gapes were successfully filled, like how Thomas got so rich, Penny’s adoption, Pepper’s story, Logan’s past, among other things. So, basically, a house that hosts battles between supernatural creatures and “soldiers/recruits” to the entertainment of rich people, totally rules. Oh, and I totally loved all the new definitions and characteristics of the supernatural. Especially the Leprechauns. Cannibalistic fairies? Not exactly what I was expecting at the end of the rainbow, but sounds good to me! Let’s talk about Penny and Zane. I’m a hopeless romantic, so I was begging for Penny to finally open her heart to Zane since he was introduced in the story, even if he still looked like a stalker, freakish and monstrous creature. Besides that, I’m a Beauty and the Beast fan, so the part when Zane leads her to the surprise-picnic and tells her to “Close your eyes”, I was reliving the scene when the Beast shows Belle the library. Loved it! I was hoping (and anxiously expecting during all book) for a lot more scenes between this two… Now…there were some aspects that lead me to rate this book the way I did. Logan, I think we can consider him the “main character”, was a nice boy. Basically that was it. I expected some flaws and irritations from the character but he looked too passive for my taste, but that’s maybe because I’m all into brave and courageous protagonists that takes lots of risks and don’t care what people think, so maybe this is a personal issue. Others that didn’t seem to me like strong characters were Pepper or even AJ (Miss Jade I was not pleased with Mack’s death, just so you know, but making people suffer a little with your books is actually good ;)). In the other hand, I was really intrigued with the Twins. Gena and Jackson. They seemed like the most complex of the bunch, and I was looking forward to understand Jackson’s mind a little more (even though he gives me the creeps) but I waited, waited, and then the book ended. (sad face) I was also pleasantly surprised by Gena’s character, I didn’t expected her to be so open minded (maybe because she’s a witch) about all her father’s lack of humanity and all the other stuff. But, after all, what really bothered me was the end. First off, Penny’s death was ridiculous. And revolting. Second, in the last page “She was alive.”? I hate when authors do this. Is like, “Now you have to buy the second book to know what happens… doesn't matter that I totally ripped your heart out moments ago, because now I’m giving you a little hope again, you just have to be patient and wait a little more till the next one”. Just don’t. I hate, hate this kind of stuff. Is like their joking with me, my feelings, and pushing me to read the next one. It just seems forced. I like to read series because I was pleased with the first book and I hope the second will be as great as the first, not because the first one is incomplete and the end didn't make sense and I feel obligated to read the one that follows. (*Deep breath* I’m sorry for the emotional breakdown. I just needed to say that. Next.) This said…now Penny is what? A Zombie? A vampire as Pepper? Maybe a werewolf? Human surely she’s not since she died with open eyes…right? Well, either way, her relationship with Zane from now on shall be interesting! Now this was some of my plots during the book that ended up being totally wrong: a) I thought Jackson was the “other witch”, I still think he has some kind of power in him though…; b) I was convinced that Penny only saw her death by Zane because Gena had cast a spell to make her see that “future”, so she would keep her distance from the werewolf (I know, I’m such a drama queen); c) For much stupid this must sound, I thought Logan’s granny was some kind of witch. Go on. Laugh. Last, I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity Jade, and I hope you understand that I’m a little too emotional with my reviews, and the things I pointed has nothing to do with not liking your story. In fact, I’m reading the next one because Zane’s totally got my heart. ;) cheers! SOME QUOTES THAT CAUGHT MY EYE: •“The Longer Logan spent in AJ and Mack’s company, the more obvious it become that the two of them weren’t just friends. They weren’t flamboyant in their relationship, but there was definitely something between them. It was in the tiny things that passed between one another. The eye contact. Finishing each other stories, the different smiles.” – “the best kind” of love. •“The guard carried Penny from the room as Zane fell to his knees howling, not with pain, but because he couldn’t stay with Penny.” •(Pepper) “Is probably not the smartest thing to do, blushing in front of a vampire.” •“His heart was breaking, but even as Logan felt the cracks begin to form, he knew he couldn't let it. Not yet, not now. He couldn’t fall apart. He needed to be strong. He needed to keep it together for him and the others.” •(Zane) “He was strong enough to keep his distance, not strong enough to let her go.” •(Penny) “I’ve always had a weakness for puppies” •(Zane) “I had never gotten to tell you how I loved you and now I was a monster.” •(Logan) “Do you love him?”/(Penny)”I don’t know. There’s no possible way I can love him, but i…I feel something and it keeps growing. I don’t understand why or how, but it’s there and it won’t go away.” •“Logan wished he could do something, but all he could think of was trying to offer AJ comfort in stupid ways like holding her hand or rubbing her back” •(Logan, to Pepper) “You don’t get over it./It stays with you, but how you deal with it decides how it affects you and the rest of your life.” •“She did it for him and he really appreciated it. For a moment Logan wished he could like Gena the way he liked Pepper. It would be easier, but apparently he enjoyed tormenting himself.” •Penny, Paul and Pepper