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Smashwords Interview

What are your five favorite books, and why?
How do you choose only 5 books? :-)

Number 1 has to be Bram Stokers Dracula. I simply love this story because of the strong connotations that true love never dies, even death can not break these ties. My favourite character has to be the Count, beguiling, dangerous and tortured.

Number 2 Phantom of the Opera - Again, another doomed love story, who should Christine choose? The enigmatic but yet dangerous Phantom or her childhood sweetheart? I was strongly pulled towards the Phantom, his deformity meant that he had to hide in the shadows scared to show his face. Eventually his own genius made him insane, he is by far my favourite character.

Number 3 Pride and Prejudice - what's not too love about this classic? The arrogant Mr Darcy and the slightly nutty Mrs Bennett are my two favourite characters here, I never tire reading this book.

Number 4 Jane Eyre - what a rollercoaster of a read - from Janes tough beginnings at Gateshead Hall, a victim of emotional and physical abuse to the awful educational institute at Lowood to then finally being employed by Mr Rochester who harbours his own inner demons.... I simply love both of these characters.

Number 5 - Rebecca - Mrs Danvers, the sinister house keeper who refuses to let the late Mrs De Winter truly rest in peace, consistently frightens and intimidates the new mistress. Eventually, the new lady of the house ends up feeling that her husband, Maxim, is still in love with his, beautiful and talented dead wife. This is one of the most eerie books I have read, Daphne Du Maurier ensnares the reader and ensures you finish the book as quick as you can. Mrs Danvers is my favourite in this novel, sinister and loyal to her beloved Rebecca right until the bitter end.
What do you read for pleasure?
At the moment I am currently reading "The Compound Effect" by Darren Hardy, I love to read to expand my knowledge on self development and asset creation . When I am not devouring a self improvement book, I can be found in the Horror section in the library.
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