Smashwords book reviews by carlowen1988

  • Joshua's Way on May 03, 2015

    Tremendous book. Ronald took me to the ships and the scenes throughout the story and allowed me to stand on the deck and be in the action as it happened and the interactions of the characters. A relaxing beneficial reading experience. I have started reading Jewella Crossing which follows in the series. Loving it also.
  • Jewella Crossing on May 03, 2015

    Jewella Crossing continues in the same manner as Josua's Way with the characters in Joshua's Way, also new people and additions to the story of the Crammer family, with the ease of those bygone times, also the dangers and joys. I am going to start reading Mutual Transitions and await the next novel in this saga of the Crammer family.
  • Mutual Transitions on May 03, 2015

    Wilson Crammer is a strong, tough, wise and caring man. To suffer all he did and show compassion for everyone is so admirable. I really enjoyed the lives of all of the characters. Excellent story told in a manner that is easily understood, while it made me think of those underlying mysteries. Bring on Joshua Ronald. Continue my reading pleasure. Thanks for all of your writing.
  • Lovers Lies and Lilies Part One on May 03, 2015

    Wow!!!! Lovers Lies and Lilies is hot! The Kama Sutra gives you positions. Lovers Lies and Lilies gives you instructions on how. Loved it. Pardon the half-hearted pun. I did not put the book down before I finished and started reading again. Wow!!!!!