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Smashwords book reviews by Carole Gill

  • The Believer on April 10, 2011

    Extremely well-written. A delicious gothic piece full of vivid imagery and beautiful prose. Mary Underwood has written a thoroughly enjoyable tale.
  • Below the Surface on June 27, 2012

    was pulled right into the story from the opening sentences: “Merx drop. Everyone down! Incoming!” The older gray haired woman stood four lengths behind the teenage boy. She held a forced propulsion weapon on her shoulder and aimed it at an incoming Ven supply transport.” That tells me a lot. There is an attack going on and it’s dangerous. An older woman is holding a propulsion weapon which she aims at the enemy’s (Ven) transport.” Now, that’s exciting. I’m interested immediately. I can visualize it. What better opening than that? But it’s not just action. I felt for the characters. And I think they were depicted exactly right for a short story. I cared about them. I was moved when Merx rescues Henessa. The characters had a real feel to them and being likeable, I was moved to caring about this battle of theirs. Theirs is a very unique world, they’re enough like us for us to identify with them but different enough to be extremely interesting what with the different sorts of life styles and ESP. I care enough to read more. This author got the balance right, too in my opinion. It was interesting sci-fi--new and different and very readable. I loved it.