Carol McKenzie


In her lifetime, Carol McKenzie worked as a telephone operator for downtown L.A., Watts (coin phones) and Hollywood. In Colorado, she checked groceries for Safeway. In Iowa, she attended beauty school and received her diploma after 2100 hours of study. For a year, she worked as a beautician. Not that interested in the work, after a year of setting and cutting women’s hair and filing and coloring their nails, she quit.

After marrying her first husband, she learned how to hunt with a rifle and scope, (against her better judgement) and even won a semi-pro fishing derby, catching the largest trout of the day, competing against men.

She won a national sweepstakes ( 4.6 million entries) in which the lone prize awarded was a brand new Mercury Cougar.

Carol attended a large university and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree.

In the Midwest, U.S., she lived with her husband of twenty years. She was her husband’s caretaker and had a lot of time to write. Her grown son and pesky Jack Russell terrier shared the house too. Among the movie genres she loves most are gangsters, contemporary romance and action-adventure.

Carol passed away on the 28th of October, 2009. She will be deeply missed by the staff of Shadowfire Press, her family and her many, many fans.

She enjoys artsy things, like handmade windchimes, framed paintings and quilting. She enjoys playing around with computer graphics. On an average day, she can be found sitting at her computer, writing her latest story. Writing, by the way, is her favorite past-time/career.


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