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A young man named Alex Hernandez III died while serving in Kandahar, Afghanistan on May 12, 2012 at the age of 21. The main character in "Unbroken" and "Unspoken" was named in his honor. I want the world to know your name and think of you if only for a moment so that you will never be forgotten, Alex. RIP mi héroe.

The story UNBROKEN came as a result of my first Camp Nanowrimo in June 2012 and a conversation with a friend who was getting ready to come home from Afghanistan. The book was written in 28 days. I never expected it to be read by anyone but a handful of Facebook friends. I'm my own editor, publisher, graphics designer, and PR rep. I'm just a lady in her basement pouring her heart into her novels, raising kids and working to survive right along side the rest of you. This story was never about making money. It is about awareness and understanding. Something we can all afford to give, no matter what financial bracket we fall under.

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