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Carter Lee is president of Innovative Social Dynamics, the author of When Jonathan Cried for Me, a columnist (In That Moment of Space) for The Washington Times Communities, a professional speaker and consultant. Carter is known for his charismatic speaking style, magnetic personality and strong self-confidence. He presents his messages with an eloquent diction and style as only he can deliver. Coming from a diverse background, Carter wasn’t always the personification of self-improvement.

The business side of the sports-entertainment industry, with booking and promoting, required him to deal with entrepreneurs, local state government officials and corporate executives. Putting together these complex deals helped Carter develop confidence in negotiating with others and a sense of self-worth. It was through this position and many years of being involved in this industry, that he became a master of negotiation and communication, which led to his success in the industry.

Yet, despite the success that Carter found in the sports-entertainment industry, and the increased confidence wrestling gave him, he still struggled with past demons and in achieving true self-confidence and self-esteem. Like so many of us, he struggled with the challenges and stress of life.

He was later diagnosed with chronic depression, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) due to childhood sexual abuse from the hands of a pedophile, and struggled with his weight. During this time went through a painful divorce and felt hopeless and lost. He then decided he was going to stop living under the oppression of his negative thoughts and emotions, constantly searching for the will to get through each day. Here Carter began a mental and spiritual journey that would change and shape his life, and those around him.

After studying numerous techniques and spiritual philosophies, Carter found the combination that began to have a strong impact his life and produced results. Through these techniques Carter gained and achieved gifts he never thought he would possess. He acquired a healthy self-esteem and genuine self-confidence; after changing and reprogramming his mindset he is free of depression and PTSD, and no longer struggles with his weight.

After his transformation, Carter started meeting with friends and acquaintances to share with them what he had learned. Even those who already considered themselves healthy and self-confident, gained even more and felt even better about themselves, which proves that there is no end to self-improvement. He was encouraged by his friends to make a career of sharing his knowledge and techniques to help people to achieve the very same thing, thus was born Innovative Social Dynamics.

“Most people go through life wanting to change their mindset to a positive one. Most want a healthier self-esteem and genuine self-confidence; but the journey to achieve such goals isn’t always as clear. My profession is my passion. I teach people how to overcome obstacles, cure fears, control their emotions and change their negative views tied to past memories and emotions. These are the building blocks to achieve self-esteem and true self-confidence, which affect everyone you interact with: Your peers, managers, clients, co-workers, friends and family; they affect your dating and romantic life. There is no greater accomplishment of an individual than that of enjoying themselves fully and internally on a daily basis, regardless of the situations that lie ahead.” – Carter Lee

Formerly an actor, stand-up comedian, and involved in the sports-entertainment industry, Carter was a licensed professional wrestler, promoter, and booker. He also competed in mixed martial arts as a shoot fighter and wrestled both in the freestyle and Greco Roman style. It was the entertainment industry where Carter polished his skills as a public performer and communicator. The athletic side of professional wrestling gave Carter the opportunity to really explore his personality and develop his charisma.

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