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  • Dark Matter Heart on Aug. 22, 2011

    Dark Matter Heart reminded me of one my favorite series The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod. I totally enjoyed Dark Matter Heart it was a light easy read that was suspenseful and kept my attention. I like Cor’s and Taylor’s character. This was another refreshing novel that had the best friend accepting that their best friend may be a supernatural creature. I like how Nathan made it seem like you were guessing between if Cor was a vampire or just had a weird allergy to the sun. I really liked Taylor and his geekyness for science and criminology…I really have a soft spot for geeks. The suspense of the murders around town reminded me of the many murder mystery TV shows and I liked that I personally didn’t see who the murderer was and the shocking twist at the end of the story. I’m hoping that Nathan will continue Cor’s story as I really enjoyed it
  • Elemental: The First on Aug. 31, 2011

    I liked Elemental: The First it was filled with suspense and I was constantly trying to figure out what was going to happen next. Elemental: The First gives a lot of background information of the characters and the town. Normally, I find too much detailed information and not enough action to bore me but Alexandra had a perfect balance between the two. The ending did bug me because I was hoping that we would find out a bit more of what exactly Rose does and more about Aiden and Morgan but it ended right where the suspense was the greatest! Such a cliff hanger! I was in shock that it ended like that. It was like a TV Show finale that is split into 2 weeks and ends with your going NO I NEED MORE WHY THE HECK WOULD YOU END IT THERE ARRRG!!!
  • Ties To The Blood Moon on July 14, 2012

    I really enjoyed this story. I liked the mythology that was used it dragged me into the story and I wanted to know how it all ended. It does have a Twilight feel to it with vampires and werewolves but if you get over that it’s a really good story with its own uniqueness. Gen was kind of a brat. When she didn’t get her way she threw a hissy fit and everyone let her get away with it. That drove me a bit crazy about her character but I’ll give her some slack because she just lost her mother. I wasn’t sure who was trustworthy and who I should be watching out for. I was completely surprised but the ending. Overall, I really enjoyed Ties to the Blood Moon.