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  • Nightmares From Eberus - A Speculative Fiction Collection on Sep. 02, 2010
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    Not usually being one for picking up short stories I can honestly say this is one of the reasons why. Most of these are rather boring and / or cliche. Others have a few things that got them positive votes. 'Continuum Force - The New Guy' had a typo on the first page and thus set the quality of the first two stories. 'Serial' was interesting, despite being obvious anti-twilight, and would make a decent mystery novel. 'Gator Country' was tacky and predictable, as was 'Reality'. 'Shockers' would have given me nightmares if it where a movie. 'Lucifer's Lament' was ... interesting. It appealed to my experience that various religions tend to be rather similar and no one religion (or history) is perfect. I wouldn't mind reading a full novel length version. 'Killing Osama' had some interesting language but was otherwise boring. 'Until the End of Time' made for a good laugh. 'Rise of the Ancients - Alulim', well, if I can find a copy I may decide to read the series it's based on. Overall, the writing could definitely been better but the ideas where entertaining.