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Smashwords Interview

What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
Writing itself is a joy! The pen and paper act as my non-judgemental best friend. It allows me to clear my head and sort my thoughts. Sometimes I can have an idea floating around in my head for days, weeks, or years even and it seems that by writing something down it sets that "thought" free for others to take its place. Thus writing is a never ending process....
What are you working on next?
I have always wanted to write my fathers biography. I have had the pleasure to meet many colorful characters in my day, but no one measures up to stories that he comes up with just when telling about his life experiences. Plus, I myself don't even know the full story, every time we meet I learn something new. So I think it would be an important piece for me personally.

I am also planning to write a book about integration into the Swedish society by presenting the stories of several individuals as case studies. I plan to call it "Get to know us". There is a negative stigma that the word immigrant automatically means something bad and that "we immigrants" are taking away from society. Not just in Sweden, but everywhere. I think if people got to learn more about each other that I could help change stereotyping to understanding.

Otherwise, on a lighter note, I want to turn a recent vacation I had in Croatia into a fictional book. I couldn't have created the story or characters with my own imagination! Just an amazing time that with a bit of word fluffing and name changing could be a really fun piece to write.
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