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Cayden Keyes Cavanaugh stops to embrace her muse no matter what she’s doing or what it demands. She is a disciple of both the written and visual arts, creating from the whispers in her ear - begging, demanding to be brought to life.

Cayden faced more than her share of hardships: her family abandoned her at a young age for being a lesbian. She lived on the streets before she was able to scrape together enough money and moxie to put herself through college.

After working hard in the fine arts and creating her lesbian family of choice, including her partner and their two young boys, Cayden hit another low point. She awakened and realized that the sticky, silent, sneaking web of suburbia entangled her. Cayden was on the verge of not only being devoured by soccer moms and country club ninnies but was also on the brink of becoming one of them. She quickly changed her name and ran as far from Stepford as her imagination would carry her.

Cayden vows never to lose herself in this muck of an ordinary life ever again. She explores the deepest recesses of her psyche through her art and writing. Cayden also creates literary erotica.

Cayden lives in suburbia, NC, in the United States. She enjoys breaking up her pensive artistic sessions with tweets. You can talk to her uninhibited and unapologizing side @eroticayden or to her more reserved profile, @unlockingkeyes. Also be sure to check out her blog at

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  • Con - Part One - The Pick Up on Aug. 30, 2011

    You are great with setting & descriptions. I felt like I was in the bedroom with Blue. Yum. I also felt like I was giving AND receiving at the same time because of the clear pt of view. Yes!
  • Blue’s Singer – Part 1 - The Awakening on Sep. 01, 2011

    What a hot sex scene! Good build up in setting and background. The action was sexy, fulfilling...the descriptions made me want more! (but satisfied, of course.) Highly recommend for a steamy night. Share with a partner. Ready for part two.
  • S&M: Sex and Machinery on Sep. 01, 2011

    Enjoyed the book...especially the 3some. It built up to that storyline. And I would love to read more about the puppet. What an interesting idea~~Creative and well-written.
  • Confessions of the Erotica Writer. on Sep. 01, 2011

    Thank you for the informative aspect of ebooks and writing erotica. I took away a few good tips that will help as I move forward.
  • Abusing Cynthia: The Lesbian Slave Collection on Sep. 07, 2011

    Pretty graphic with BDSM scenes - Lots of beatings (not my thing), but the bondage and voyeur elements - yum. Enjoyed the sex parts. Creative, too - especially the art concept.
  • Blues Singer - Part 2 - The Rendezvous on Sep. 13, 2011

    Truly enyoed traveling through more escapades. You capture lesbian life well....and I enjoy your lead character's approach to the world and to love. Slinky scenes. Flirtacious. Your writing swells in momentum and you deliver a great sex scene so much more~~! Highly recommend to anyone wanting sexual attraction stories of lesbian life, lesbian seduction, and a storyline to follow. Ready for the next one!