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Latest book: Loom (Book Five of The Liminality). Published October 27, 2017.
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Latest book: John Smith, World Jumper Book One: Portal to Adventure. Published November 4, 2008. (4.27 from 15 reviews)
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Latest book: Adrian's Wall. Published August 11, 2017.
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Smashwords book reviews by cbell

  • John Smith, World Jumper Book One: Portal to Adventure on Nov. 08, 2008

    I downloaded the mobi version and read this book on my Cybook in one sitting. I enjoyed it very much and I wish there were more chapters available. The author writes in a style that is very easy to read, fluent and entertaining. I really like the story line and I can't wait for the next book! I want to know what happens next - soon, please. Thank you, Smashwords, and thank you, Patrick. Well done!
  • RealmShift on Sep. 19, 2009
    (no rating)
    I've just gone for a ride on the rollercoaster that is RealmShift! We have 3 stories running alongside each other, and I can't pick my favourite. They all held my interest and I couldn't wait to pick up the book again when life and sleep interrupted my reading. When the 3 stories collide in the climax towards the end of the book, I was reading fast and furious, eating up the words, absolutely focussed on what was happening, right there with the characters. Alan, I'm trying not to believe in that unmentionable place full of horrors, but you made it so believable. It was horrifying. I had cold shivers reading some parts of the book, brr. Plenty of horror and fantasy, throw in some religion, sci-fi and history, and you have RealmShift. Wow! This book was worth every cent and more. As soon as I'd finished RealmShift, I started MageSign. I want to keep reading about Isiah. Thanks, Alan! What a great book!
  • RealmShift on Sep. 19, 2009

    and here's my rating!
  • Ghost Of The Black: A 'Verse Full Of Scum on Sep. 19, 2009

    I downloaded A 'Verse Full of Scum here and read it over a couple of days. I love sci-fi stories and the author's down to earth, irreverent, cynical style of writing made for a very entertaining read. The book was pacy and left me wanting to read more, so I've downloaded the author's other 2 books, available here at Smashwords. I want to know more about Magickers, DEMs, DAP and Ghost's adventures as a bounty hunter, travelling the 'Verse in various ships. Well done, Alan, and thank you! I'm waiting impatiently for a sequel.
  • MageSign on Nov. 27, 2009

    I read RealmShift and enjoyed it immensely, so I jumped straight into MageSign for some more Isiah. I loved both books! I shivered whenever a realmshift happened and I was running alongside the characters throughout the book. To be there sharing in their adventures was truly being 'lost in a book' - my favourite way to pass time. Alan, you made me gasp out loud at one part and I couldn't stop reading until I'd worked through that story line. It was awful, it was astonishing, it was heart-breaking and it was wonderful to read. Thanks for that sleepless night. This book was totally engrossing reading and I couldn't wait to get home from work each day to dip back into your world. I felt sad when I finished. I want more. I intend to search for everything written by Alan Baxter and devour it.
  • Xenolith on Dec. 26, 2009

    I enjoyed reading Xenolith and I'll re-read it soon, so I get more out of the first few chapters. The learning curve was a bit steep for me at first. I found so many characters with short names confusing, but as I became more familiar with them, I could separate them and identify their different personalities and roles. The story was fast paced and never boring. I don't finish books if they don't grab me in the first couple of chapters, but this one did. I like the idea of travelling via the Xenoliths and it was interesting where Frank went, although somewhat scary and violent at times! This book is begging for a sequel. I'll be happy to pay for it and I'd like to read more about Frank. Please, please bring back Liz! And more about Tezhay - I really like him. Oh, but it's your book, you can write what you want to! I approve!
  • The Storms of Eternity on Jan. 07, 2010

    I loved, loved, loved Storms of Eternity! I read it over 3 nights and I couldn't wait to pick it up and keep reading. When I'd finished, I sighed, then went straight into Strange Times (by the same author) and I read all the short stories over another 2 nights. I didn't want to finish - I wanted to keep reading! Robert, I really hope you'll put all your other books up at Smashwords! I'll buy every one of them!
  • Strange Times on Jan. 07, 2010

    I read all the short stories in Strange Times over 2 nights. I didn't want to finish - I wanted to keep reading! I don't usually read short stories, but I enjoyed these so much and I really wish some of them were longer. There's a great variety (horror, sci-fi, fantasy, history, you name it!) and some wonderful story lines.
  • Soul Identity on Jan. 07, 2010

    A great story line - entertaining, thought-provoking and gripping. I'm looking forward to reading the sequel. Thank you, Dennis!
  • Ancient Future on March 05, 2010

    This is a very charming short story. Kevin is an 11 year old boy (but nearly 12!). He meets his mother's relatives for the first time and becomes involved in his grandfather's past and the struggle against invaders in his country. A story told from the Maori perspective with a uniquely NZ flavour.
  • Desbarollda, The Waltzing Mouse on June 06, 2010

    Beautiful formatting and gorgeous illustrations. This is a very sweet little book and a fast read. I was it was longer! Thank you.
  • Peculiar, MO on June 06, 2010

    Brr, this is scary. I don't usually read horror and I didn't want to read this book at night as it was so real - like I was there with the cats - but I couldn't stop reading it. I've purchased everything I can find by this author and he's never disappointed me. Another great book!
  • Thin Blood on June 06, 2010

    This book is beautifully written by a very talented author. I had no idea what was coming at the end and I was fantastically surprised! Everything fell into place so completely that I was stunned I hadn't worked it out. A great whodunnit! Thanks Vicki, Thin Blood is a wonderful read and I look forward to reading many more of your books. Well done!
  • Dead(ish) on June 06, 2010
    (no rating)
    This little book is fast flowing and entertaining. At first I was surprised at the amount of swearing, but it fits the context of the story. Irreverent and original, it's an easy, fun read.
  • The Wife of Freedom on June 11, 2010

    I enjoyed reading this book very much. It's a great story, well told, with a satisfying ending. The main character, Mary, is strong, resilient and independent, far from perfect and I felt a lot of sympathy towards her. Jackie is likable and roguish. I don't like either this title or the original title. If this book had been called "The Wife of Freedom" when I first looked at it, I probably would have thought 'romance' and wouldn't have bought it. Actually, I hesitated over reading it with the original title, too. The blurb above pulled me in.
  • Sentence of Marriage (Promises to Keep: Book 1) on July 09, 2011

    Sentence of Marriage is a wonderful book and I came back to Smashwords to buy the rest of the series, whatever the cost. Shayne, thank you for a very enjoyable read. As a voracious reader, this series is exactly what I've been looking for!