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Smashwords book reviews by Chris Webb

  • Delver Magic Book IV: Nightmare's Shadow on June 22, 2012

    Good read. Not often a series will keep me interested beyond 3 volumes but this one did
  • Delver Magic Book V: Chain of Bargains on June 22, 2012

    I was really looking forward to a more fulfilling ending as far as an epilogue that told of Ryson future
  • Soul Chase on June 22, 2012

    Good writing.
  • Blood and Bronze on July 28, 2012
    (no rating)
    Thoroughly enjoyed the book. It is often hard for writers to get the military aspects correct but David Guyton has done a credible job maintaining accuracy of the capabilities of the weapons, armor and tactics. Looking forward to the next book.
  • Soul Under the Mountain on July 28, 2012

    Good sequel with the same quality of detail to sustain the realism. I enjoyed the book and I am looking forward to the next book in the series.
  • Conflict and Courage on July 28, 2012

    The story is very good but I was disappointed with the editing /proof-reading that was conducted prior to publishing. I hope this issue is resolved in the next book of the series. It is still well worth reading but just be prepared to having to take your time.
  • Homage and Honour on July 28, 2012

    Again a good story with enjoyable characters but the lack of good proof-reading takes a 'star' off this rating. I still enjoyed the book but I hope the author finds a better proofing/editing help.
  • Dragons and Destiny on July 28, 2012

    The story and characters are good but again, the lack of good proofing/editing detracts a 'star'.
  • Valour and Victory on July 28, 2012

    I enjoy the series for the story that is trying to be told. Maybe it is the edition that I have that is so full of errors in English. Please Candy Rae, I love your stories but get someone who will provide better proofing and editing.
  • Ambition and Alavidha on July 28, 2012

    Great story and an unexpected ending makes this a great read. I am also pleased to see that the errors in English that was so prevalent in the earlier books is finally corrected. Thank you.
  • Insurrection on Dec. 04, 2012

    Good story and well written. I enjoyed it
  • Amulet of Aria on Dec. 04, 2012

    An interesting climax to the trilogy. I enjoyed the story.
  • Hemlock and the Dead God's Legacy on Dec. 06, 2012

    Good book. In magic fantasy it is too often that reality is overtaken by the magic, but this series continues to be realistic in the application of magic.
  • Ashar'an Rising on Dec. 06, 2012

    Continuing to enjoy the series and I am not disappointed with the second book of the series. I hope the rest of the series will be soon available.
  • Bliss on Jan. 24, 2013

    Excellent, enticing piece of writing. I don't usually read erotica but this piece makes me change my mind. Although a male, the story, dealing with two beautiful women, caught my curiosity and kept me interested. Well done JL.
  • The Imposition on Jan. 25, 2013

    Great description of hot steamy fun in the office place. This erotic short story has a subtle and humorous plot.
  • Children of the Halo: Special Edition on Feb. 05, 2013

    This is a wonderful story and a great read. A massive story, which involves the reader from the start. The story line is well thought out and well written. There are a few editing errors but they do not detract the reader from the excellence of the book. I look forward to the sequel and find the eventual conclusion to the intrepid characters.
  • Masked Scent on Feb. 12, 2013

    For a new author, JL Devereaux is gifted in a genre that usually doesn't concentrate on good characters and plots. It is going to be interesting to see JL's blend of the fantasy and erotica genres in her Hunter Moon story. I'm looking forward to reading it.
  • Sharp Things on Feb. 20, 2013

    Enjoyed the book, greatly. This book series' concept is original and pleasantly different for this 'Good' versus 'Evil' action story. The use of mythic persons, gods, and other oddities brought chuckles with their interactions.
  • Nomads of the Gods on Feb. 17, 2014

    The story is great and warrants five stars but the epub version I downloaded from Smashwords has many grammatical, spelling and semantic errors, which pulls down the rating.