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Smashwords book reviews by C.C. Bennett

  • Coulson's Lessons on Dec. 10, 2011

    Lessons by Anna McIntyre is the first ebook I’ve ever read. I wasn’t sure I would like this ebook thing, as I really like holding a real book in my hands. But the story drew me in and I soon forgot it wasn’t a paper book. When looking for a contemporary romance on Smashwords I wasn’t familiar with the authors and was a little reluctant to spend my money. But after reading the free preview on Lessons, I decided to give it a try and I am glad I did! I loved the characters, they were very well developed. The story is an interesting love story and nothing like I’ve ever read before. The biggest difference between this romance and others I’ve read (I have read a lot) it seemed very real with interesting twists. It wasn’t a formula romance where the writer basically fills in the blanks. There were a number of steamy love scenes, but they seemed appropriate for the story and not just tossed in to make the reader hot. At the end of the book the author tells us she is working on a second book about the same characters, and I am definitely returning to purchase it when it comes out! If you are looking for a good spicy love story, I strongly recommend this book.