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  • The Quintessence of Absence on July 28, 2013

    Lothar is a sorcerer bent on self-destruction. He knows his drug addiction is a death sentence but still he can’t stop. Desperate clients hire him to find their daughter and Lothar decides to take the case, do the minimum necessary, and use the money to further his addiction. But for the first time in years, the drugs take second place in his life and finding the young woman becomes paramount. But, always, around the corner, in a weak moment, the lure of nepenthe is there, calling to him in a soft, luring voice. Finding the woman will save two lives: hers and Lothar’s as well. * * * * What a supreme read this is! It pulled me in from the start by giving me a likable character with great flaws. Lothar had to change. I wanted him to change. So much so, that I bonded with him and then was absolutely hooked. My investment was unconditional. The world building had all the elements of a master storyteller. Excellent reading with very few (if any!) problems. Truly a delight to read! Big Thumbs UP!