Celeste M. Bath


My full name is Celeste M. Bath, as you can see my writing tastes are a bit varied, but these are the stuff some folks spicier fantasies are made of. Or the secret fantasies we just don't admit to our friends!

A few people have contacted me, wondering why I'm no longer selling. After B&N banned my content, it wasn't worth staying in the business anymore. Smashword's search engine is shit, and it's easily gamed. Note how often stories that never deliver what they claim to be about flood the search results. Poorly written stories that are all almost exactly the same with the exact same 'Eighteen Year Old Virgin' again and again and again.

Because of that, the erotica readers all left here. I was getting maybe four sales a year (where on B&N I was selling a several hundred copies a month). So I quit. Dealing with Smashwords was no longer worth the hassle when I'm getting less than $10 American from them every year. Yes, the erotica business for dealing with certain kinks is pretty much done and gone. Too many people couldn't deal with fantasies other than their own boring and plain ones.


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