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  • Soul Quest on April 06, 2011

    The good: The book was in the first person and the chapters were titled with whose point of view we were reading. The story was interesting with creatures I had not heard of before. The guardian angels were sweet with the way they took care of their charges. The four ninth graders, the story revolves around, had normal busy lives and then this new responsibility thrust on them. They rose to the occasion and I think the next book will be even better. It is scary to think that the world we know rests in the hands of four teenagers. The bad: I found a few chapters to be repeats of each other, the author used the different characters point of view but it felt repeated and unnecessary. I also found those chapters confusing. Honest Review: Different and new characters, not the same old thing. Paranormal good vs. evil and I think it is a good start. The next books should be better since the stage is set in this one. I read this on a bus with 50 teenagers(HS trip to Boston) and it was interesting enough for me to shut all their noise out. Amy I enjoyed your story and your characters. A few issues with the repeated chapters, I think one chapter could have been enough for that section. I understand you wanted to put down each characters feelings about meeting each other, but another way without the repeating would be easier to read and understand. Thank you for allowing me this opportunity and good luck with your writing. I look forward to reading the next book. 3 1/2 stars