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CE Wills is an American male author with a background in engineering. He is a military veteran, a husband and father, At one time or another he has been a weather man, a power plant operator and a construction worker. As a teenager he hitch-hiked all over the United States in search of adventure. He has faced a mountain lion in a forest with nothing but a stick. His interests include reading, playing piano and studying animal tracks. He has written eight novels.Thanks for reading!

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I read your blog a lot and it seems that it is more than an author page. Are you a writer or a blogger?
I'm both. I started the blog to promote myself as an author. In other words, to become more widely known. Then I discovered that I liked blogging. I also discovered that blogging is addicting, time consuming and takes away from writing. Whether it helps sales or not, I could not really say. I do know that if you give a review of a movie or a book and make someone mad, they may retaliate by giving you a really crummy review on a story.
I've noticed that you have short stories for sale. You also have novels for sale. Yet you charge the same price for all of them, other than the freebies. What's up with this?Write your own question here!
I price my stuff really low. Like John Locke, my intention is that the money should be an insignificant decision on whether they read my books or not. I want to become 'known' as a writer and I want folks to try my books. I feel that the potential ebook market is so huge that even at 99 cents, I can make a lot of money if my books become popular.
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  • Two Bits Four Bits on May 29, 2010

    This is an entertaining book by a skilled writer. I think you'll like it.