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I love Elmore Leonard's 10 rules of writing and the bold concept of Superman's Fortress of Solitude as a writer's retreat. I am a published novelist (Devil Jazz, ENC Press), award-winning playwright (Karsh Gold Medal, Can. National Playwriting Competition), screenwriter (Writer's Guild, Canada) and I maintain the "movie mood" website, with weekly movie reviews on (10,000+ subscribers, 400K+ reads). I have been featured/quoted in The Globe and Mail,, CNN Entertainment and the LA Times.

WHITE NOIR - A BLAKE MASSEY MYSTERY is my new novel set in my own past, working in the oil business in the remote north of Canada. It is a beautiful, cold and angry land full of promise and ruthless weather. The people who chose to live there are adventurous, courageous and a bit crazy. Would you live in a place where, if your car broke down, you could die of exposure in a few minutes? Blake Massey is my alter ego, the guy who leaves civilization to find a simpler life...

My non-fiction books relate to movies in one way or another. I believe movies become hits when then resonate with our collective mood and reflect how we feel at that moment. Movies are also great ways to learn new things, as they tell stories and provide heroes for us to follow. DIG THREE TUNNELS: THE GREAT ESCAPE TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM takes the true story of WWII POW prisoners and uses their methods to plan and escape from a German camp as a primer for your own financial escape to freedom. It is inspiring and practical and all you need to do to achieve your goals is watch one great movie and read my book. Could learning be any easier?

I have written movie reviews for the last few years and compiled them in my MARKETBOB MOVIE REVIEW COLLECTION. It includes all the box office hits from 2008-2011, as the Great Recession hit and changed the way we view our future prosperity. We are truly what we watch.

MOVIES WE LOVE IN TIMES OF DEPRESSION is a must read for people who are concerned about the future repeating the generational mistakes of the 1930s. If you believe that we are rules by our emotions and the twin evils of fear and greed, then our economic future may be gloomy indeed. How do we know? Look at the movies we like, and see how these themes have played out in the past decades of depression: the 1930s and 1970s. If you are unsure about the future, watch the box office for clues about our national mood. It will signal our hopes and fears and help you decide your own future.

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White Noir - A Blake Massey Mystery
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 75,400. Language: English. Published: August 28, 2012. Category: Fiction » Mystery & detective » Hard-Boiled
Blake Massey is classic LA noir but there are no palm trees or sandy beaches. Exposed flesh doesn't tan, it freezes in two minutes. White Noir is a violent look at life in the harsh Arctic town of Remarkably Bay. Massey's the only private eye for a thousand miles. Staying alive depends on trusting a beautiful woman to tell the truth, something that's never worked for him before...

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