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  • Hotel Noir on Aug. 20, 2012

    Hotel Noir. The only decent hotel on a small Caribbean island. The place is definitely in decay, but that hasn’t stopped Francis Stein, a controversial American author, from wintering there for twenty-five consecutive years. He seems to have settled in, also with the locals. He’s different from other tourists, he has what they call ‘an islander’s soul’. Why then is this man found stabbed to death on New Year’s Eve? Who did dit? Maybe “simply the natives’ way of controlling the tourist population. An occasional knifing tends to scare people off for a season or two.” Or is there more to it? Intriguing questions that make this novel certainly a good read. The portrait of Francis as a man with a moral mission was as convincing as the evocation of the atmosphere of this tiny island with its ambivalent attitude towards tourists. I particularly liked the way how each chapter added another piece to the puzzle. Maybe I missed some humour, but what else can one expect in a novel with this title? Fans of the ‘noir’ genre will love this.