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Chad Thomson was born in Georgia, USA sometime in the 80′s. His roots are Welsh (through one grandparent and one great-grandparent) and he hopes to return to Wales one day and write about it, when he has learnt the local language.
One day, Chad, tired of working part time at Wendy’s and having just inherited some money from a grandparent (not the Welsh one), decided to travel the world, one country at a time (although there is no other way to do it, if you think about it). He threw some things into a backpack (after reading and studying many blog posts about what to take) and he has been traveling ever since, learning about the cultures of the rest of the world.
He is at his happiest when he lands in a new country and manages to find a Starbuck’s on the first day, and he can often be found in the food court of shopping malls from India to Colombia and everywhere inbetween, enjoying the local cultures and observing the locals.
Chad was in a long term relationship with Caitlin, but she dumped him after he paid for her to come and visit him in Europe and they spent a weekend together in Venice. Ungrateful bitch.
Have a look at his author page here: Buy a book and help Chad continue his traveling adventure around the world so he can carry on bringing you high-quality stories and helpful advice for travelers and backpackers from an American perspective.

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