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  • The Allies of Humanity Book Two on June 08, 2011

    This is the continuation of the information begun in Book One of The Allies of Humanity. If you read the first book, you MUST read the second book. It's essential that everyone read both of these publications. However, most specifically, these books should be required reading for abductees, contactees and those who study or have any interest in UFOlogy. They were channeled by Marshall Summers, basically, as an interruption that occurred in his usual spiritual life. A group calling themselves the Allies of Humanity called on him because they wanted a reliable contact do deliver a warning to humanity. They choose Marshall because of his spiritual integrity and because they wanted their message to be delivered in one complete whole piece without potential disruption of the information. If you are human, you need to read these two books. They are short, concise and simple to understand just as the Allies meant them to be. Those of the spiritual woo-woo crowd who want to believe that ETs would only come to earth to "save us and our planet" will be frightened by the information. However, those of you who have military knowledge, studied world political or historical information will know this is a truth of immediacy. ETs have been interacting with the Earth for eons. But NOW, we are on the precipice of planetary destruction at the hands of humanity--overpopulation, environmental damage beyond recovery and resource depletion via both. ETs will not let this happen. Earth is far too valuable. ET commercial interests will not let this happen. The follow-up books are directed toward how to prepare and combat the danger that faces us in the next few years. Unfortunately SW does not publish the "Wisdom from the Greater Community" (2 volumes) which are next in line or The Steps to Knowledge--The Book of Inner Knowing (2 volumes). Various writings follow these. Great Waves of Change can be purchased here at SW and should be read. I wish they were all available here for my e-reader in PDF format or PUB! Unfortunately, proprietary times are upon us in e-readers right now. I do wish writers understood a publication should span all formats, until proprietary times are behind us, in order to reach the biggest audience. SW gets it.
  • The Allies of Humanity Book One on June 08, 2011

    Whether you are a contactee, abductee, believer or simple believe it's just all crap. You should read The Allies of Humanity books. This is the first of two that explain who the Allies are, why they are speaking and what is in store for humanity. Makes the most sense of anything I've read in all my alien research. The information does not put a "save us" spin on the subject, which I find refreshing. My great-grandmother always told me that God helped those who helped themselves. I think she would have liked these books very much. For the woo-woo crowd, you can move from the fear of reality, that these books will no-doubt generate in you, to a spiritual perspective and further advancement with the Greater Community Spirituality books found at the author's website. Other of the author's books can be found here at Smashwords which is GREAT not to have these and others in a single proprietary format (like on Amazon!) if you're part of the e-book group. Hope more authors put their books on this site! (reviewed within a month of purchase)
  • UFO: My Lying Eyes A True Story on March 18, 2012
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    Not impressed. The price is far too high for the information exchange. Should be $4.00-$5.00. The book is not 662 pages--suggesting a lot of info. It is 157 pages. The writer has yet to develop a mature perspective of the phenomenon and is clearly working out the issues surrounding her "reveal" in the book. The best part of the story/info was the description of the central event for which the book was created. The event was written with enough detail and precision to be quite exciting. Clearly, it was an abduction event that continued over decades, likely generational. Yet, the family involved (a lot of members, too) seem to be unable, even decades later, to acknowledge that anything at all actually happened. As this small area of the story showed her promise as a writer it also suggested she should not be holding back information. If she had more to tell it should have gone into this book, not a later one as the information was slim. The rest, however, was feelings and conjecture. Not that interesting from a serious UFO researcher's or contactee's/abductee's point of view.
  • The Pleiadian Mission on March 18, 2012
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    Frankly, I don't know what to think of the subject matter. It reads like fiction, but states emphatically that it is not. It's in the eye of the beholder; decide for yourself. The price is right for the size and info. The writing is good enough, but the usage of antiquated phasing, as if the individual learned English from a Biblical text, is a bit off-putting. However, if you believe that the Pleiadians are here and have a mission on Earth, you will likely enjoy the book. I'd like to believe it.