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  • This Will Not Look Good on My Resume on Dec. 17, 2011

    First, let me just say I was glad I was not drinking anything while reading this. I refrained from that. My husband said he never heard me laugh so much from reading a book. At one point, I was literally in tears. Jass Richards is brilliant with the snappy comebacks and the unending fountain of information she can spout forth. And I do mean that quite literally… the spouting part. Jass takes you from job to job, from the psych halfway house, where her absolute sense of logic helps more patients than the people trained to work there, to the maintenance of a summer camp, where the woman weaves in and out of the kids, dancing, saying, “I don’t have to deal with you! I don’t have to deal with you!” The quick wit, the sharp tongue, the acid words and sarcasm that literally oozes from her pores… beautiful. I laughed so hard I cried in some places. I do admit, there were a few parts where I got just a little lost, (sort of like when she traveled in Europe) but quickly regained my bearings as I read on. Would I recommend this book? Do dogs have squeaky mice and bright green tennis balls? Yes. Yes they do. So yes, I would definitely tell you to read this book if you want a fun romp, a good laugh and a couple of pointers on how to get let go of a job you can no longer stand. You can get fired with style.