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Charden Wood is a middle-aged divorced mother of one adult child. She is new to the erotic ebook writing industry, but has been ghostwriting online for several years. In her spare time, she enjoys doing yoga, listening to music, swimming and various water related activities.

Charden spends her days and nights creating erotic stories that capture and stimulate your sexual imagination. She enjoys writing in the shocking manner that is not necessarily typical of a female erotica writer. Readers will blush while they shamelessly enjoy Charden’s lusty and raw imagery. You’ll love her funny and interesting method of character development. Read Charden Wood publications and prepare to be swept away by the intriguing storylines. See if you can keep up with their unimaginable plots and twists.

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  • Pizza Guy Confessions: #2 The Older Woman on Feb. 04, 2013

    Right away I liked this story. The author was very descriptive and gave just enough detail to help you visualize and get a sense of who the older woman was, but not so much that you start to get impatient and edgy. Barnaby’s characters were truly believable for me. I loved how Francis, the older woman didn’t have to be a super model. The expression: “My cock wasn’t hard yet, but it was starting to get some blood flow”, came as a pleasant surprise. I loved that Jeremy’s massive penis didn’t have an immediate hard-on, even though the woman was already way ahead of him and stroking herself. The sex scene was good and satisfying and I especially enjoyed the little surprise ending later on, when all was said and done.
  • Forced by the Cop on Feb. 04, 2013

    I really liked how this author was able to ease you right into the story without it seeming forced. I easily identified and sympathized with the poor stranded woman and her dilemma was definitely believable. Since I don’t typically read BDSM, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but this was just the right amount of dominance. One minor thing that jumped out at me as a negative – I didn’t see the word pussy, not once. I guess I’m like most of the guy readers; if I’m talking about and a woman is in the picture, I expect to see it at least once or twice. Her “crevice” is only arousing so many times, but then again, I probably overuse pussy in my own writing :-)
  • California Genie on Feb. 26, 2013

    Wow! How low do you have to bow for your nipples to leave tracks in the sand??? I love the imagery that this story conjures up. Very funny and entertaining but I gotta tell you Dick, I couldn’t stay aroused; I was too busy cracking up laughing. But what do you expect when Elppin is blasting off a prick and flying across the tent? That’s some imagination!
  • Butterfly on March 03, 2013

    Very enjoyable read. Those readers who are romantics at heart will love this one, along with the positive message it sends. Prepared to be aroused!
  • Nymphomaniac on March 21, 2013

    I really liked the story, but tend to nod off staring at too large blocks of text and run on sentences. They tend to distract from the reading.
  • The French Artist and his Model on March 26, 2013

    Not only was this a very well written story, but it is a classy and elegant piece of erotic romance. The model was every bit the combination lady/whore of the 1880’s. Nice job Basil.
  • My Sexy Psycho Shrink on March 27, 2013

    Great story. Just when I thought you were punkin’ out on the sex scene, you surprised me with a lustful ending! Favorite line from the story: “She was married and obviously way out of his class, but why should that limit his imagination?”
  • A Little Rough Around The Edges on March 27, 2013

    Loved it! I'm a female erotica author that loves raw and gritty imagery; no shortage of it here, that's for sure. I have to admit, I had a bit of a time keeping up with all the positions that your mind is constantly attempting to figure out, almost to the point of distraction. But the end result made it worth it.
  • Law of Attraction on April 14, 2013

    Personally, I like reading stuff a little grittier, but some readers like the sex scenes more picturesque, than graphic. This still paints a picture, just not as explicit. If you want eroticism with a ring of poetry, you'll enjoy this short tale.
  • Reluctant Bridesmaid Gangbang (Rough Dubcon Erotica) on April 14, 2013

    If you enjoy reading erotica that is rough and raw, with this one, you asked for it - you got it! Although I have to admit, I had a hard time picturing to dicks in one mouth!
  • Wandering Hands: An Erotic Horror on May 03, 2013

    I liked it! I thought this was a very clever piece of writing and the author really pulled it off (no pun intended :-) I mean, it was truly a self contained story with all the necessary elements, including the erotic element, the horror aspect and even a little twist at the end. I appreciate that Frankie didn't promote it to be any more than what it is - a cool piece of flash fiction. Good job.
  • So You Want To Write Erotica? on May 03, 2013

    Great little help aid. Brianna offers lots of good points to not take for granted. Just as she brings out, as sex ebook authors, "we set the rules rather than wait for someone to come along and dictate terms to us." But that doesn't mean we throw away certain beneficial writing standards and guidelines. I write short adult stories so I especially appreciate Brianna's section about "collaborations". I agree that it is important to network with fellow authors. I personally welcome all reviews and link exchanges from Smashwords erotica authors. Thanks for these useful tips Brianna.
  • The Proposition (Billionaire Boss) a SEXY erotic romance short on May 06, 2013

    Cute story, very well written. I was actually surprised that the sex scene was so hot because it was such a classy little story. Great job!
  • Erin’s Anniversary on May 06, 2013

    It's interesting how even though I found some of the dialogue between the two girls to be kind of funny and tedious (one too many "I love you's"), it was actually very realistic. Just like Lauren was on occasion, I'm afraid, I was more interested in the sex scene from a observational standpoint, rather than being aroused. Then again, if the author was really going for enlightening the reader about "rimming" I think she did a good job.
  • Three's Company on May 06, 2013

    I agree that it was thoroughly predictable and maybe even a little over the top (30 thousand bucks, even for a whole night seems excessive for the "not all that kinky" sex they did, but hey, this is fiction :-) But I still found it to be arousing and quite steamy, so that's what counts!
  • Snow on Fire on May 06, 2013

    I thought this was definitely hot and well written. Not too flowery, not too raunchy, and believe me I know, when it comes to writing erotica, it's hard to get that perfect blend! Nice work.