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Smashwords book reviews by charlenev

  • Preferred Rewards on Dec. 31, 2015

    I'm always interested to read erotic romance written from the male POV and by a male author. While it is marketed as both, this book was really neither erotica nor a romance, more a coming-of-age cautionary tale. Still very interesting though. This is the tale of Troy, who is 18 and just beginning college. Like most young men, he is ruled to some extent by his sexual urges. Enter the teasing Carrie and her roommate Gina. I was disappointed to see that the author via his character Troy still chooses to see women in one of 2 roles - the Madonna or the whore. Gina is the modest, church-going good girl and Carrie is the overtly sexual tease. (As an aside, I was also disappointed to see Gina turn into the stereotypical unreasonable shrew every once in a while.) While Troy claims to love Gina, he is still tempted by Carrie. In reality, he's apparently too immature to understand what love should be and why he needs to resist the tease. Even with all of the guilt he seemed to be experiencing, it seems that he learned nothing from the experience. To the bitter end, he's begging Gina to forgive him, and fails to understand why that won't happen. I was mostly enjoying the read until the ending - which unfortunately was abrupt and made little sense...why did Troy end up where he did? No explanation was really provided for the circumstances. Did he learn anything from the experience? We really don't just...ended. I'd rate this a 2.5 to 3 star read.