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My books are my signature. But this is only how I feel. Others often differ in opinion, which is right and good. For them, here then, be some stuff maybe useful in some fashion I can't fathom.

Biographical data

Born: Spring Lake, North Carolina, April, 1953, fourth day, five minutes past midnight (thus late for my parents' anniversary, which sets a standard for all such events from then on.)

Educated: a long while back, when colleges offered to improve human beings attending their classes, not dedicate themselves to the function of making a person employable. Ahh, the good old days.
Undergraduate degree: In English from a State college in Glassboro, NJ, that changed its name to Rowan University when Mr. Rowan gave it a huge wad of cash.

Master degree: In English from Temple University in 1996, which is where I got to learn exactly what I needed to know from David H. Bradley, the author of a fine book, "The Chaneysville Incident" *among others) which I recommend reading. Otherwise, graduate school for writers is a waste of time and money.

Marriage: I married to the finest woman on Earth, by accounts of many others more than myself: Manuela.
I married once before, but for practice. It lasted a mere sixteen months.
Manuela brought with her two wonderful young ladies, Elizabeth (Baby Beth) and Manuela (Meme), who each in turn delivered into my life young ladies of inestimable worth: Sky (b. 2003) Lucy (b. 2007) and Mia (b. 2008.) Though I give to each huge chunks of my heart, doing so has increased that heart's size.

Work History: Let's say I worked, and have enjoyed no occupation more than Educator. My students put their trust in me; I put my faith in them. Pretty much always works out.

What I do for fun: Everything. If it is not fun, I quickly stop doing it. (see Work, above)

Writing Philosophy: Make sense by appealing to the senses.

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