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May 18, 2013- After a long hiatus I finally uploaded the full book! Magic School U.S.A: Easy "A"

I hope you all enjoy the FULL story as much as you enjoyed the 6 chapter book!

Tricks of the Trade- Is only the first 6 chapters of the full American Magic School book. I found this floating on many websites that I did not authorize. You can download this book if you want but understand it is only the first 6 chapters (and even those 6 chapters have been changed and edited more), so you can just see this as a longer sample book!

The Sample Book- Newly uploaded, just a nice sample chapter to wet your taste buds for the full novel! :)

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  • Fire Country on July 26, 2013

    I got a copy for review in exchange for an honest review. I admit, it took a while for me to get into this book. I found the first 3-4 chapters kind of slow. I really had to force myself to push on but at around chapter 4-5 things in the story began to pick up and started to tie more into the original premise of the story. The world built here is very interesting, similar to an Indian tribe. The only problem I have with this book now is I feel like the writer maybe held back a little. There was a lot of interesting concepts thrown around but I think there was some hesitation to go deeper into these issues. For example I think the situation being as it is the women of this village would be treated a lot worse then they are. I guess that's just my opinion but I think in a village where the males have so much power over the females there would be a lot more male chauvinism. It seems odd that Siena would be able to have a best friend that was a boy, and would be "learning" along with other boys given that when she's 16 she'd be force to abandon any male friends and would then have to submit to the authority of her husband. Girls have to be trained since childhood to be able to accept that kind of thing. To have a girl be pretty much equal to a man and then suddenly try to take her power away sounds like a recipe for a blood bath. lol. If females and males are educated equally and treated as equals throughout there childhood then how do the males get such an upper hand and what enforces this power dynamic? Just some stuff I thought about while reading the book. All in all a good story though!