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Charlie Nitric holds three college degrees; a Bachelors in Speech Communication, a Masters of Management Degree in Human Resources, and a Masters Degree in Marketing.
He is also the father of two fantastic boys. Still very much himself a kid at heart, Charlie is constantly observing the world around him. Then, with the incredible imagination of a child, he plays with those experiences until the unimaginable becomes the imaginable for his readers.
Through his blog, Nitric entertains countless online readers with his storytelling ability. From a good, hearty laughing fest to crying out in anticipation, readers can’t help but become completely mesmerized with whatever he puts before them.
With writing that is astonishingly relatable (even when it is totally and completely implausible), he always manages to illicit some emotion or another. Whether that emotion is inspiration, frustration, belly-busting laughter, or simply joy, Nitric’s constant goal is to have his readers feel each scene right along with him.
“Strive each day towards your own joy,” Nitric writes to his blog readers, encouraging them to be grateful each day for what they have in their lives. His writing is proof that if you take in all the experiences around you and simply let yourself smile about them, life truly is an enjoyable ride.

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A Mother Whispers Goodnight
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 3,900. Language: English. Published: May 9, 2012. Categories: Fiction » Inspirational, Fiction » Christian » Short stories
This is a short fiction story of a mother's love for her infant child that is born very sick and dying. This is also a story of hope, inspiration, faith, and a power greater than ourselves. The power of prayer is a "magical thing." Although my story is fiction, many of the facts introduced is based on personal experience. A mother purely loves her baby in the final moments in his young life.

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  • I am Morte on May 15, 2012

    "I am Morte" is a fabulous read and the imagery Author Elyse employs to paint with her words is nothing less than spectacular. There is not a meaningless or "dead" sentence in the story (no pun intended). Each sentence builds upon the previous one, adding more and more depth through incredible visuals and in startling detail. As you read onward, those descriptive examinations amass to form profound paragraphs that examine human death, as it is experienced by a being, or entity, which is death itself. That being's name is Morte. Morte's insight (if it could possess the cognitive power to have insight) demonstrates its frustration with the concept that humans fear death. I cannot say any more because you need to read this literary masterpiece for yourself. I believe this work of art should be read by millions. I also think this story should be studied in literary classrooms across the globe as an example of how to write dark fiction. Yes, Author Elyse Draper's story "I am Morte" is that special, for certain!