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I am a reader, not an author. I have no published books. I spent 20 years in the United States Air Force. I then became a licensed Journeyman Plumber in the state of Idaho, in the northwest United States. I enjoyed bicycle riding, walking, fishing, and computers. I no longer ride bicycles. I do review many of the books I read, and I do publish the reviews on Amazon if they carry the books.

I firmly believe computers have a place in the world today. However, I think allowing the computer to take over would be very wrong. It bothers me, a lot, when I see a family busily texting instead of talking to each other. There should be room in life for both.

You will find me hanging around in google+ rather than any other social site. I tried to like Twitter, but found it was not quite right for me. I do not have any other social networking accounts now. If you are on google+, say hello and mention smashwords. If not, well, have fun any way!


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Smashwords book reviews by Charles Kravetz

  • Finding Gaia on Aug. 15, 2012

    A great book by Kimberly Chapman. This fantasy unfolds in real time, while giving the reader a great review of what was! It is written in todays time frame, yet the reader is left with no doubt that much of the story is in the distant past. Jason Truitt has raised a girl, Trisha, that now is married and lives with him in his mansion. Trisha, of course, knows how to push Jason's buttons, and does so with ease and regularity. Since Jason is very wealthy and has some unique traits of his own, he is quite private. However, Trisha, having been taken in by him and raised as his own daughter may have been, knows these traits. While she knows Jason is very old, she does not know exactly how old that is. She knows he heals when hurt, no matter what. He never gets sick, as normal people do. He pines after his Gaia, whom he has looked for for years. When Jason hears that it is possible his Gaia is being held captive, he, Trisha, and Don devise a plan to rescue her. They are unsure of who or what they are rescuing, and the captive is equally unsure of them. As the rescued woman learns to trust them, they must learn more about her. This is a wonderful, fast-moving, romantic story! I found it to be quite easy reading, yet moved along at a pace I could follow. I could easily recommend this book to anyone that enjoys historical romance stories.
  • The Book of Deacon on Aug. 23, 2012

    A great story for young and old. Myranda Celeste is an orphan of war. Her home town was destroyed by war. She has grown up in the middle of a war. Cold and hungry, she happened across a fallen soldier and his cargo. Her life began to change immediately, forever. Sometimes a find that is stumbled upon has that ability to change our lives. I would really like to thank Joseph Lallo for writing such a fine book. This is the first in the series, and I already purchased the second. I found this to be an easy reading, well written book. The author is able to keep this story rolling along, at a speed that most readers will be able to follow. I read the entire book in two days, not really wanting to take any breaks. I really wanted to know what happened to Myranda, the lead character. This book, for me, was great entertainment. The author has done a really fine job, inventing a world around the story that could be the world of the future. It does leave room to dream about such things, although I would hope the world never goes to war again. I would easily recommend this book to anyone, young or old, that enjoys fantasy. It takes place in a world that could easily be the past, future, or today. It does give me room to think about the possibilities of such great wars happening today.
  • Night Blood (a.k.a Death In The Family) on Aug. 27, 2012

    Raxos is a savage vampire, and Tom Franklin's birth-father. Tom was removed from his presence as a young boy. Now that he has grown, his nightmares are getting worse. He must return to his former home and find the reasons for the nightmares. Those reasons seem to be connected to Raxos, whom Tom has not seen in many years. Due to some strange health issues, Tom keeps his identity secret. Unfortunately, Raxos knows where Tom is at all times. This is a book aimed at the young adult reader. As such, it is an excellent story. It starts with the mystery of who the characters are, and how they are interconnected. As the story unwinds, we learn who Raxos and Tom are, and their former and current relationship. We also learn of Tom's other relatives, many of whom he has not seen in many years. The action of the story is ferocious at times. While there is a touch of romance, those looking for a love story will be disappointed. There is just enough romance to give the reader a good background. I do enjoy reading a good mystery. I often try to guess the endings, and many times I am correct. With this book, I was surprised at the ending, it was not what I expected. As the story unfolds, I found myself not wanting to put the kindle down. As it is written as the first book of the series, I will look forward to the next book. I would hope that the relationships unveiled in this book will be further developed in the next one. while I found this book very enjoyable, there are a couple of grammar errors that detracted from reading. At least one took me a few minutes to determine what the word should have been.
  • The Great Convergence on Aug. 29, 2012

    This is the second book of the Book of Deacon series. If you have not read the first book, I highly recommend it. It will make understanding the story so much easier. Myranda Celeste did not know how much she could do until a short time ago. Now, she finally understands and decides that her goal is to unite the Chosen, 5 heroes that will save her world. I enjoyed this book as much as the first book. The author has done a great job of mixing the possibility of great wars with the fantasy of magic and wizardry. The twists and turns of this book left me gasping at times, and swearing at the author. I believe this book lives up to the title, and stays true to the series. Since he was able to immerse me so thoroughly in the story at times, I can easily recommend this book to all readers, young and old. If you enjoy fantasy and science fiction, this book will keep you happy.
  • Light & Dark: The Awakening of the Mageknight on Sep. 03, 2012

    A really good story, but too many errors in grammar and punctuation interrupted the reading. DISCLAIMER: gift from author for review purposes. Danny Firoth is an average thirteen-year-old who is starting eighth-grade. He spots the new girl and falls for her, hard. She has a secret that will change the lives of Danny and his friends forever. There is enough spins and twists to really make this a fantastic story. This is a very good story. The author has done a lot of work in writing this book, and it shows in the way the story reads. The plot is excellent, with a good spin on wizardry, dragons, elves, dwarfs, right and wrong. I found the way the story is done to be a great spin on what seems to be popular today. The book does start out a little slow, with the first couple of chapters seeming to repeat the first one. However, the astute reader will realize soon enough the book really does mimic the average teenager. The characters are as appropriate for their age. I really want to recommend this to the young adult and teen-age readers out there. Unfortunately, I can not do that. I love to read. I learned of lot of English language through the books and stories I read. In reading this story on my kindle, I realized the teenagers and young adults today are also learning grammar and language use from their reading. This book contains too many errors to be enjoyable. I could have really enjoyed the story, if not for the grammar and punctuation. Too many places with a characters name followed by the statement, instead of a comma, made reading difficult. Also, waste in place of waist, nit in place of knit, your instead of you are, made the text flow rather difficult. While I would give the story itself 5 stars, the grammar and punctuation errors are too numerous to allow me to rate the kindle edition higher than 3 stars.
  • The Firebird on Sep. 15, 2012

    A classic Russian folk tale for young and old alike. A good fairy tale about Prince Peter. The prince journeys to find the firebird, which is stealing the golden apples from the kings orchard. The prince must complete three challenges, of increasing difficulty, to bring the firebird home. Will he be able to complete the journey? This is a good translation of a classic Russian folk tale. I enjoy reading the folk tales of other countries. I am an American. I have heard many folk tales and fairy tales as told in my own country. I am often amazed at how different fairy tales become in other cultures. This one is very good. It is entertaining as written, with on son who does as told. The good son is easily overtaken, but wins in the end. I believe my grandchildren would enjoy hearing this tale. It is well written and easily explained to the younger generation.
  • East Of The Sun, West Of The Moon on Sep. 16, 2012

    An interesting twist on how innocents and love win again. Two sentence summary of the plot. This is a classic Russian fairy tale about a girl that travels with a white bear. She must find a way to free the enchanted prince from the evil spell in time. I have not heard this fairy tale before. I am an American, almost 60 years old. That sometimes accounts for my forgetting fairy tales, too. I enjoyed this tale, and would easily recommend it to those teenagers and young adults I know. I nicely describes the tale of true love, without boring the reader. This is the second tale I have read by this author, and I look forward to more of her work. I enjoy discovering the different short stories and folk tales of other countries and cultures. It allows me to more understand those cultures outside my own.
  • The Battle of Verril on Sep. 25, 2012

    Wow! A great finish to the Book of Deacon Trilogy. The Chosen are finally united, the goals are defined, and battle lines become clear. The stakes in this challenge is the world itself. There can be no rest now until the battle is over. Win or lose, the Chosen must remain united and vigilante. I found this to be the defining book of the trilogy. The first two were good. This one is great. It is exciting, fast-paced and constantly changing. The five Chosen heroes finally unite in their purpose, and realize that no one stands alone. They fight the evil in their universe, with and without each other. At times, winning seems so easy. At other times, it seems there is no alternative to losing. Since the author was able to immerse me so thoroughly in the story at times, I can easily recommend this book to all readers, young and old. If you enjoy fantasy and science fiction, this book will keep you happy.
  • First Steps (A Short Story) on Sep. 27, 2012

    Moving story of a young boy coping with a lifetime illness. Dave Riggler is a teenager who is handicapped. He is sent to a therapist because he does not want to use a walker instead of a wheelchair. Who and what we are is often defined by how and why we cope with life's challenges. Dave Riggler, as a young teenager, has a firm grasp on his identity. He will have struggles and challenges ahead of him, but he is going to learn to cope with those challenges. I found that he is very determined to be himself, rather that to become what society decides he must become. Having read several of Brian Hartman's short stories already, I was somewhat surprised that is the the story of Dave as a young teenager. However, I still enjoyed the story, and was glad to gather some background on the older Dave I have read about. I am thrilled that these stories are written in a way that it is not necessary to read them in any sequence. I can easily recommend this to anyone looking for easy to read, short books. The story is short enough to read in an evening or even while riding the bus. It is suitable for all audiences. This story will help you think about the handicapped youth, and does a creditable job describing how they must cope with challenges.
  • The Rainbow Stick Boy on Dec. 09, 2012

    Disclosure: I was given my copy of this book by the author as a review copy. This is a really wonderful children's book about the real beauty within each of us, and the diversity that exists in the world. This is the story of how different people are viewed by others. It expresses in terms children can understand what it means to look different. The pictures in this book are very simple and are quite delightful for the children to look at. The author does a really good job explaining in simple terms what it means to look different, even when you do not want to. Sometimes, looking different from the rest of your peers is not something to strive for, but can not be stopped. In explaining this to young children, finding the words they understand can be difficult. I am not sure I would be brave enough to tackle such a monumental task, without the help of such stories. I can easily recommend this book to parents and grandparents of young children. Of course, I would also recommend this to the children themselves, that are old enough to read. I think it does a super job of explaining why sometimes people look different on the outside, but are just like everyone else, if you can get past the outward appearance.
  • Right Now on Feb. 03, 2013

    This review is for the Kindle edition ebook. An evening of reading, or a future to consider. What if it was possible to see into the future? Lilly is hired to work for her brother and his friend. An investigation leads to the discovery of Joe, in an old shed. Joe can not remember what he used to do, but he can tell what will happen in the next few minutes. Sarah Baethge shows a lot of promise in this short story. The plot is great, and lets the reader use their own imagination to explore the future. I was very much into the story, when the book ended. I was left with a feeling of “that’s all?”, and was not even sure I did not miss a page. I was left wondering what happened to the characters in this story. It ended very abruptly, almost like ending a chapter of a book. The concept for this story is very intriguing, I would even like to see more books written on this subject. I would happily grab a sequel of this book. I like the writing style, and found the concepts in the book interesting. I am a bit perturbed by the ending, and would prefer not to read another book that leaves me hanging the way this one did.
  • Twin-Bred on Feb. 26, 2013

    This review is for the Kindle edition ebook. Disclosure: I was offered a copy of this book by the author as a review copy. Fraternal twins, born together, sharing a bond, diplomats between species. This book is about the ability of twins to communicate with each other. It is also about the inability of humans to get along with anyone different from ourselves. This book is very much about the struggle to understand and communicate with others who may be so radically different speech is impossible. I enjoyed the interaction of the twins in this book. I found the theory presented very plausible. It seems to represent the current struggle of mankind to get along, while maintaining separate identities of each country. The possibilities of earthlings to travel to another planet and learn to interact with another species is always fascinating to read about. Unfortunately, the sometimes difficult to follow time periods in the book made the early reading more difficult than it should have been. Possibly adding date and time slots to the paragraph heading would help with that. Karen A. Wyle presents us with a fascinating journey to the possibilities of twins becoming diplomats to solve a communication issue. Having read enough science to know it is believed there is an incredible bond between twins, this is a story that I got swallowed up by. Like all great science fiction, it leaves the mind wandering in the story, and even allows room for the reader to decide how plausible the theory is. I can easily recommend this book to science fiction readers looking for something besides the usual “lost in space” book. I also think twins would enjoy reading this, because to me it represents much of what a twin should be. I look forward to more by this author and have picked up another of her books.
  • The Mogadishu Diaries Bloodlines 1992-1993 on May 06, 2013

    This review is for the Kindle edition ebook. Disclosure: I was offered a copy of this book by the author as a review copy. Wow! A powerful, intense-filled story of Operation Restore Hope in Somalia. This is the story of a soldier, who was a United States Marine, during the mission named Operation Restore Hope by the United States. It is factual, intense, historical, and more. This is also the story of an individual persons life. Eddie Clay III states he wrote this book in 6 weeks. What he did not state is this is written with the emotions still present. I stand in awe of this author, he has given the reader a glimpse into what life in the military is like for many members of the military. It is not a glamorous, fun travel time. It really is difficult, friendships are made and lost. Problems do exist, and yes, emotions are difficult to control at times. I would prefer the fonts be uniform in the kindle format ebook. Throughout this book, the fonts seem to change almost every paragraph. This did not detract from my reading, most of the time. I believe the author of this book was willing to give the reader a glimpse of military life and struggles. That was accomplished brilliantly in this story. The friendships made and lost, the feeling of joy and sorrow, the intensity of emotions are very real and heartfelt. I would have to say thank you to the author for bringing this book to my attention. I can recommend this book to military history buffs and those who enjoy reading about epic battles for human rights. I would gladly grab any sequel to this book.
  • A Stone From the Stream on Aug. 06, 2013

    This review is for the Kindle edition ebook. A fisherman, a farmer, a monk, and a mysterious guest all have one thing in common. This is the story of tranquility and life. It allows the reader to contemplate where they are headed, and gives a bit of gentle guidance. I like the way the author has written this story. It is both a mystery and and a fantasy. It is quite short, and could be read on the bus or train ride to and from work. While at first glance it may seem to simple to be a story, it stirs the readers imagination and provokes a bit of thought. My only fault with this story is that I did not find it sooner. The author hoped to provide the reader with tranquility. I think he fulfilled the goal readily. I can recommend this story to anyone that is looking for something in life. It will help provide that missing element of calming influence for many of us. This is not a religious story, as I first thought. It is, for me, a story of how to live your life in peace. I have read other of Peter Smalley's books, and will be grabbing more in the future. This author makes me think about his stories, more than most. I think that is his intent, too.
  • The Infinite Within on Sep. 07, 2013

    This review is for the Kindle edition ebook. Disclosure: I was given my copy of this book by the author as a review copy. Action, love, outer space, sadness; all in one good book. An astronaut is waiting for her chance to go to the moon. Instead, she finds herself going to Mars. Something goes wonderfully, horribly wrong on the surface of Mars, and her life changes in ways that no one could ever predict. I liked this book. It was fun to read, and had enough unexpected turns to keep me interested. The story starts with a believable chapter in the life of a female astronaut. Once she is chosen for the Mars trip, she is ecstatic. This trip takes a long time, and upon her return, many strange things start happening. The United States government, the FBI, the CIA, a large corporation, and several others take part in this story. I was not ready for this story to end when it did. This book is very entertaining. It will grab hold of you, and keep poking at you to finish it. I would recommend this story to science fiction readers that enjoy something a little different. This will not give you the highs of the shoot-em-up in outer space. It takes place place on earth, for the most part. It could be a real story and has enough elements be good fiction. I look forward to reading more by this author.
  • Bypass Gemini on Jan. 14, 2014

    A really good, exciting science fiction set in outer space. Trevor can no longer race, his first love and a way to experience a high without drugs. If you can't race legally, you may as start your own courier service, which is a way to legally race through traffic. When he takes on a job that will make life a bit easier, he finds himself mixed up with the mob, a mega-corporation, and a lunatic. Now he must learn how to stop a company so big it could rule the universe. This was a really good example of what science fiction should be. It borders on reality, it could really happen some day, yet it is far enough out to let the imagination run wild. The idea that the common individual, down on their luck, can possibly prevent the big, bad corporation from destroying all that is good helps fuel the imagination. I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys science fiction adventure stories. Of course, if you hate those stories based in space, by all means stay away from this one. I have read the authors trilogy, The Book of Deacon, and enjoyed that also. I will be reading more of Joseph Lallo's books in the future. He could become one of my favorite authors, since I seem to identify well with his stories and characters.
  • The Baby on Jan. 19, 2014

    This review is for the Kindle edition ebook. Human cloning, a blessing or a curse. If there was a way to replace your loved one, and all it takes is a baby, would you? Human cloning is a touchy subject these days, this is an alternative way to look at it. The buildup in this short story is great! While the reader is tumbling around ideas in their mind, the story progresses to the answers. A good story, short enough to read on the bus or train going to/from work. If Karen A. Wyle wanted readers to think about the effects of cloning, this story will do that. If, instead, the author intended to entertain the reader, this story will do that, also. It may be short, but it is good. Readers looking for something short enough to finish on the way to work will enjoy this book. Science fiction lovers will also like this one, even if it is short. I have read several books written by this author. None have disappointed me, nor have any appeared to be a clone of any other book. A big thank you to this author for continuing to write entertaining stories!
  • Behind the Ruins on Jan. 30, 2014

    This review is for the Kindle edition ebook. Action, adventure, fighting, a mixture of feelings and emotions. This is a story after the apocalypse, but it is also the story of one man's fight to correct a wrong. It is the story of how much doing the right thing can cost a person. II enjoyed most of this book. It is a good story, from the viewpoint of one man trying to correct a mistake he made in the past. It stirred a lot of emotion within me, and at times drags the reader right inside the story. Although we are allowed a glimpse of the main characters past life at times, it is very clear when we are in the past instead of the present. The author did an excellent job showing what could happen after the apocalypse. He gave me, as the reader, a look into the future, and allowed me to imagine being there. I could feel the frustration and self-searching of the main characters, and their emotions. If you enjoy reading post-apocalypse science fiction, this is a great book. If you like science fiction without monsters and zombies, this is a great book. I would recommend this book to all adult readers, I think they will enjoy it without allowing the emotions overwhelming them.
  • On Galaxy's Edge: Beginnings on Feb. 03, 2014

    This review is for the Kindle edition ebook. Fast paced, action-packed story that grabs the reader's attention. The planet Me'ryn is on the edge of the galaxy. The ruling group is corrupt and the people revolt. The rebellion is successful, as itself, but the ending will surprise most readers. I was caught up by the action in this story, and read it rapidly. It is a short book, yet takes a couple of hours to read. The fast-paced action grabs the readers attention, and keeps it throughout the story. I found the ending worked well, but a bit abrupt. I was not ready for the story to end when it did, but this is a prequel, written to explain some of the next book. If the author intended to grab the reader and get them to read the next book of the series, it worked very well. This story is enough to make me want to continue reading this series, and find out what will happen next in this new world. This is the prequel to the longer novel in this series, called “On Galaxy's Edge: Ascendance”. I would recommend this book to science fiction adventure readers. There is no magic, it depends on human frailties and cunning to keep the readers attention. I have started reading the next book by Alex T. Kolter, “Ascendance”.
  • The King's Sword on March 20, 2014

    This review is for the Kindle edition ebook. An old soldier, a spoiled prince, and a coup; all the ingredients for a great novel. The old soldier has lived alone for years, shunned by the other races in his world. The prince nearly froze to death, running from the coup. If the soldier can teach the prince how to act like a king, the army might help him to regain the kingdom. Seldom does a book come along that sweeps the reader away into a fantasy and let that reader get lost. I have to be honest, I was avoiding this book for a while now. It just did not seem like the kind of book I would enjoy. I started reading, and almost could not put the book down. It grabbed my imagination and hung on for the entire book. I would like to see this offered through Amazon, as well as SmashWords. That is the only thing I did not like about this story. I believe C. J. Brightley writes to entertain the reader. Her book certainly entertained me, at least. It kept my attention riveted, something few books today can do. I can easily recommend this book to all fantasy readers. I think you will find it is something different, something outside the standard fantasy field. I actually found myself cheering for the prince, before the story ended. I have already grabbed the next book in this wonderful series, and am sure I will enjoy it as much as the first book.
  • Entangled on April 13, 2014

    This review is for the Kindle edition ebook. Disclosure: I was requested by the author to give an honest review of this book. Romance, intrigue, mystery, and even some science combine to become a really great story. A chance encounter in the freezing mountains brings Sally to him. She decides he is the one to be her hero, and he accepts the job of making sense of the noises in her head. Throw in Russia in 1991, and you have the hero trying to prevent World War III. I do not like science very much. It was the hardest subject I had to study in school. Fortunately, science is woven into this story in a way that even I enjoyed it. From depression and anger, the hero almost becomes a real person for the reader. This story grabbed my attention, and hung onto it to the very end. Clive Ash writes because readers are available and want to read. His book is very entertaining, and might jog some history and science the reader has forgotten. I would recommend this book to readers that enjoy a good adventure and suspense story. The history of the United States and Russia serve as a great backdrop, the the science is a bonus. I understand more of how the brain works now than before reading this book. I count that as a bonus from the author. I have picked up another of his books to read.
  • Help Wanted on April 15, 2014

    This review is for the Kindle edition ebook. Mesmerizing story of trying to help someone, when they really need help. When a friend is in need, Amy reaches out with help. Without realizing it, she is soon in way over her head, and in need of help herself. As the friend continues to take advantage, the situation spirals out of control. This story is meant to be read by mature individuals. It is the story of abuse, and includes violence. Unfortunately, it is a story too often repeated in real life. It is based on a true story, one which many of us will see ourselves in. For me, it was difficult to read to the end, and it is even more difficult to write a review without emotions running rampart. This story was written in hopes of helping other victims of abuse. It was not easy to write, it is not easy to read. Unfortunately, it is too often true. If you know of someone needing help due to abuse, please read this book. If you are helping those who are victims of abuse, thank you. Fifty percent of royalties from the sale of this book will be donated to WEAVE (Women Escaping a Violent Environment) If you know of someone needing help due to abuse, please read this book. If you are helping those who are victims of abuse, thank you. I know I said this is an Adult book, but there are teens others who would benefit from this story. They are the ones without hope today, who really need someone to say "It can end."
  • The Other Eight on April 27, 2014

    This review is for the Kindle edition ebook. Disclosure: I was given my copy of this book by the author as a review copy. Misfits, the US Army, and a top-secret project. What could possibly go wrong with that? A group of humans with advanced capabilities are recruited by the US Army for a top-secret project called The Guardian Project. When the project is accidentally leaked, it becomes a reality show in spite of all the secrecy. This book is not laugh out loud funny, but there is plenty of tongue-in-cheek humor in it. As someone that spent 20 years in the US military, there is enough fact to keep my interest. Yet, there is enough satire to remind me it really is fiction. I love the way the supposed less worthy come through to win the battle and convince the commanding officer they are worth keeping. I thought Afterthought was the best character of all. Joseph Lallo writes books today because there are people that read them. Stories such as this one lend a bit of fun to our reading pleasure. While not everyone will see the humor in this story, those that do will be glad they read it. I am going to recommend this book to those who enjoy reading subtle humor and satire. Those who enjoy seeing fun poked at the military will also enjoy it. It will not please all readers, because not all readers will understand the humor buried in this book. For myself, I really like the way this author writes, and will continue to read his books.
  • A Cold Wind on May 06, 2014

    This review is for the Kindle edition ebook. I can't believe I read it in one sitting! Yes, it is that good. Kemen Sendoa helped the prince gain the throne and become the king. He and the prince became friends, and now he lives in the castle in a position of honor. This is the second book of the Erdemen Honor series, and will not disappoint readers. I really like the way the author allows the story to flow naturally. There is no forced romance, it all happens almost accidentally. Kemen Sendoa often questions himself, and yet must seem very decisive in front of the military. I was so involved with the story, I actually read the entire story in one day. I believe C. J. Brightley writes to entertain the reader. Her writing style is very entertaining, and as an independent author, she insures her books continue to grab the readers interest. I read a lot of books. Very few of those books grab me as a reader enough to keep me reading straight through to the end. This one did that. I can easily recommend this book to all fantasy readers. I think you will find it is something different, something outside the standard fantasy field. I have already grabbed the next book in this wonderful series, and am sure I will enjoy it as much as the first two books.
  • Honor's Heir on May 17, 2014

    This review is for the Kindle edition ebook. Fantasy at its finest, something different for those that discover it. The third book of the Erdemen Honor series, this is the story of how General Sendoa trained Elathlo, heir to the Tarvil throne. If the trainee can learn to face his fears, and trust Kemen, he could be the key to blocking a plot to overthrow the King of Erdemen. As in the other books of this series, we see the flow of the story as it happens. The authors style of letting first one person then another narrate works smoothly, and allows the reader to see different points of view for what is happening. I do like this style that this author uses, and find the different viewpoints fascinating. I really have enjoyed this coming of age series, more than I thought I would. I believe C. J. Brightley writes to entertain the reader. Her writing style is very entertaining, and as an independent author, she insures her books continue to grab the readers interest. It kept my attention riveted, something few books today can do. I can easily recommend this book to all science fiction and fantasy readers. I think you will find it is something different, something outside the standard fantasy field. I look forward to more stories from this author.
  • Oath of Servitude on May 28, 2014

    This review is for the Kindle edition ebook. Wonderful story of two different cultures learning about each other. Cailin is a pixie learning how serious her clan is about keeping secrets. Teague is a young athlete that was injured and is now full of anger. They must now learn to trust each other, and even help each other. The author has chosen to allow two young adults to be represented much as they really are in real life. The situations they find themselves in force them to learn the realities of different cultures and races, and shows how they can learn to live together. I was pleased that the author did not avoid the fear and anxiety that do play a part when someone does not conform to society's standards. Whether C.E. Wilson wrote this story to entertain or to allow the reader to believe that different people can live and function together, it worked. I choose to believe that it will help the reader imagine life when everyone is able to accept others even if they do not conform to what the reader was taught is normal. This is a great story for young adults. It is also very good for those who enjoy fantasy with a bit of magic. I will be reading the next book of this series, as well as other books by this author.
  • Marshall's Story: The Boy Who Saw Angels on June 04, 2014

    This review is for the Kindle edition ebook. Disclosure: I was given my copy of this book by the author as a review copy. The touching story of a father's grief and his son's survival. This is a story of how Marshall's father was able to work through grief and sorrow to help his son recover from a very serious injury. It is a factual account of the notification of the accident through the next 32 days in the hospital as Marshall recovered. I was pleased that this is written in the first person. The author is the father of Marshall, his six-year-old son. The emails contained within the text show how difficult this journey was. The power of prayer is what Marshall's father believes helped get his son through the recovery of his injuries. I do not question anyone's faith in God or prayer. As a parent, I know that sometimes it is very difficult to help an injured son or daughter with their recovery. It is very emotional for both, and parents tend to become overwhelmed when the critical nature of the injuries finally hits them. Sam Lester wrote this story to provide a form a therapy for himself. Further, he realized there were many parents out there that might need some help getting through similar experiences. I would recommend this book to all the parents out there. I would never wish such a thing on anyone, but this story could really assist in getting those parents through a similar situation. For those who find themselves with a critically injured child, each person is different. Some will find this book a comfort to them, while others will find it stirs too many emotions at the time comfort is needed most. I will say "Thank you" to Sam Lester for writing this book and allowing us to see his own emotions. This book is not the best thing ever written, nor is it the worst. However, as a father, I fully understand how difficult this was for the author to actually experience this challenge. I also understand the need to write it down and attempt to help himself and others.