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  • Caught by the Tide on Aug. 31, 2011

    Great read. Picked this up in the Summer Sale and took me half a day to read it. Lily Evans is a new author for me and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this. A nice lighthearted read with a very good feel good story. There were some really great characters and some excellent writing, I was drawn into this from the first page and I read Anything For You as soon as I finished this as I enjoyed this so much. Have added this small review onto Goodreads.
  • Anything for You on Aug. 31, 2011

    I didnt enjoy this one as much as I did Caught by the Tide, but this was still a good read. This was another light hearted feel good read about friendship and love. I really liked Drew, I found Sam a little annoying in places but overall I enjoyed this and would definately read more from this author. Put review on Goodreads
  • The Story of Plan B on Sep. 23, 2011

    I was sent this book for free by the author, this is an unbiased review. Well, this took me half a day to read this, and am left feeling unsure about how I felt about it overall. In some ways I really enjoyed this. I love books based in Ireland, the descriptions of the small towns and country etc always make me want to visit there one day and this was no exception. However, I felt the story was a little long-winded. There was a lot of avid descriptions and a lot of (what I thought) meaningless information and conversations between characters. I really liked the character of Zoe and found she was well written and very relatable. And I loved her female friends, and they had me grinning like a mad woman at some of the dialogue between them all. I was a little confused with the love story side to this though, as I didn't really feel it. Larry is hardly ever actually in the book. He is mentioned a lot, but he isn't actually around for most of it. And I don't really understand where and how they fell in love with each other. I also thought there would be more of a relationship between her and Brendan, and felt he drew the short straw, she wasn't all that nice to him considering how much he helped her. The overall story was interesting and there was some very good writing here, but I do feel it was a bit longer than it should have been, at one point I did find my brain wandering elsewhere as I was reading this. But even saying this (and I know I am contradicting myself slightly) I felt I couldn't skip any chapters as I did want to keep reading to see what else happened and how it all turns out.