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  • Insider's Guide to Campground Hosting in Florida Parks on Dec. 26, 2014

    This is an excellent resource for anyone wishing to volunteer at public parks and facilities in Florida. From the start Jolene sets you at ease with her chatty and friendly style backed with experience and extensive research. As she admits, some of the information is available on the Internet; however, most is unavailable without deep research, phone calls, emails, and personal contact. Being a veteran resident, this book is a jewel and will make it easier for me to locate a new position. For those considering a volunteer career Jolene shares honest hints for success, questions to ask yourself, and cautions. And a good reminder for the veteran volunteer who should ask these questions from time to time. The Florida State Parks are listed first as these are the most popular with volunteers. Here we receive typical job sheets, hints, application guidelines, and detailed application information. She does not review each of the 161 parks and 10 trails but gives a broad sample of duties, facilities, and general information. After reading this section you should gain a good overview of the state park system. Many volunteers target only Florida State Parks but there are many other public facilities offering volunteer opportunities. Perhaps the reason we stop with the park system is difficulty of obtaining information on other public facilities. No worry, Jolene researched and reported in detail on the Florida County Parks, State Forests, Fish and Wildlife, and Water Management Districts. Using her book will save you days of research. But Jolene doesn't stop here, she next lists Florida's National Forests, National Parks, U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, U.S. Fish and Wildlife. Each facility contains a data sheet with facility, job, and application information. In summary, Jolene gives us a comprehensive review of facilities, guidelines for application along with detailed application information. The level of data compiled is a direct result of Jolene's experience as a resident volunteer in Florida. Most authors do not offer this level of detail with contact options and availability dates.