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Smashwords book reviews by Amaranth

  • Bloodraven on Jan. 15, 2011

    You know you've read an amazing story when you're sad to see it end. This is a very long read and yet it's not long enough. I became very emotionally involved with the characters of Bloodraven and Yhalen and there were parts where I literally sobbed in anguish for them. There are scenes that were really hard to get through simply because of the intensity of the abuse Yhalen suffers at the hands of the ogres. It's relentless and almost unbearable. I really like P.L. Nunn's writing style and there was not one moment in the book that I felt like it dragged or could have been better. And my only complaint would be the grammatical errors that riddled this book. I would love to be Ms. Nunn's spellchecker/editor. In fact, I would do it for free just to be able to read her awesome work! I highly recommend this book to any m/m fans out there, and just wait til you get a load of Bloodraven. Yummy!