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  • Totemic Haven - A gay Children's Book- on Jan. 31, 2012
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    It's hard to write a review for a book you truly wanted to like but cannot. The author also seems to get the idea that an ebook shouldn't cost as much as a paperback or hardback, which is a lesson so many could do to learn. The book itself is rough. It needs a good polish with a smart editor. The main problem as I see it is in the dialogue. The children don't seem to know how to use contractions. This leaves the dialogue feeling very formal. The pace stutters, at times you blink and wonder what happened, others seems to plod. This is the first of a series, but there is some back-story about two character's relationship that isn't even mentioned until a crisis happens because of it. I found myself backtracking to see if I had missed something. There is a great deal of heart in this novel, but as I said a good polish with a smart editor would wipe away most of the problems and leave a rather enjoyable read.
  • Preparing A Garden From The Ground Up on March 06, 2012

    This book impresses in several ways. The author is complete and to the point. Ms Smith does not waste her time or ours and explains the details of what is required in clear, well written instructions. The book itself is clean. There are a few tasteful and necessary images. There is not the plethora of useless imagery used to disguise the lack of substance in many of today's "Gardening" books. What is there needs to be there. The price is right. Too many publishers and E-book authors think that an ebook price should be the same (or MORE!) than the comparable physical volume. The author does not insult us. I garden regularly, and I have a problem yard, very dry, sandy, exceptionally alkaline, so I've read quite a bit and can say that the author really knows quite a bit. But the best part is how she presents it. Again, you will find no fluff here. Enjoy!
  • Wolf Wedding on July 13, 2012

    Bought it, read it, ate it up like a potato chip. It's really too short. The author is short changing her ideas by not giving them a proper canvas to display them. The price is what I would expect of a novel, not a short story. Still, the idea was compelling enough I had to check this out to see how good it was. It's well written for what it is, but far far to short. Expand this by about 200 pages detailing the lead up, maybe bits on the war and how each of the protagonists came to be who they are and you have a five star novel here. Alternatively cut down the price and you have a five star quickie that'd be great in any erotica anthology. To the author: Please take this as a compliment. I would love to see some much longer works from you.