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Isis Pierce is possessed by the spirit of an ancient Egyptian fertility god. But that's beside the point...she'd cheerfully pen smutty tales even without his influence. A former Librarian, Isis has recently decided to change careers and put her vast experience of all things naughty into your hot little hands. Careful, she just might set your e-reader on fire.

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  • Highlander's Bride on Feb. 12, 2013

    I'm normally more of a paranormal girl but once in awhile I like to get down and dirty with a Highlander book. I like some historical's too but I prefer Highlanders. They give me a nice break and if done right I can get lost in a story with some sexy Highlander (normally with a matching sexy Scottish accent, yum!). Deborah's Highlander's Bride is definitely one of those that I can get down with. We have a man (Alexander) and woman (Katherine) who are forced to marry each other from their parents and neither one of them are pleased by the prospect. We don't know it until later in the book, but there is definitely a specific reason their parents want them to marry and are uniting together (the parents are friends). Katherine is leery of men and wants a man she can love...she's already experienced one heart breaking betrayal and has no need to experience it again. Alexander has always wanted to marry for love and is extremely put out that his Da is forcing him into this arranged marriage. The two have some explosive chemistry right from the start and you just fall into the book, into that time, in that place and you're Katherine living it through her eyes. You grow to love and care for the characters and what's going to happen in the future.. There are some villians too...won't mention any names, but when you find out the identity of the villian its definitely a slap to the face... I never expected that so the author definitely does a good job dragging the suspense out. If you like Highlander/Historical books you should try Deborah, she does a great job of weaving elements and keeping you hooked to the edge of your seat. Warning: Don't start reading past 9pm (unless you like bags under your eyes the next day of course.)