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Smashwords book reviews by cheroc

  • Beast-Banged Schoolgirl and the Werewolf's Knot on July 26, 2017

    If you are into over the top humor, unabashed randiness, and guilt free perversion, this is the story for you! Above all else this story and its sequels are enjoyable in a carefree and uninhibited way that not many writers can manage. While there are elements of noncon and rape to it, even those are subverted by the cheesy and goodnatured horniness that the story is infused with. Also the corruption and slutifucation elements of the story are well done and show a slow but steady personality change that is well paced and provides a good source of contrast and 'resistance' where needed.
  • Damia Marcheur and the Unicorn's Horsemeat (6 Stories of Magical Bestiality) on July 26, 2017

    Mz. McCain comes out with another winner in this continuation of her first book about a slutty witch that cast a spell just a little too well. Unlike many stories in the genre, Damia Does the Teachers' Pets shows a lot of research into the origins and history of many of the monsters used...and totally turn then on their heads so Damia can blow them better! Joking aside there is a great deal of noticeable research done that makes the stories and their characters blend in smoothly with the world at large which makes it all the more easier to immerse oneself in the filthy filthy perversion they entice you with. This is another great piece in an ever growing series that is work the read.
  • Damia Marcheur and the Trouser Snake (2 Stories of Magical Bestiality) on July 26, 2017

    E.Z. does it again with a third book in her constantly expanding story about Damia and her descent into a lustful fate. In this case there are strong elements of world building as well as showing more interesting ways that magic works in the established world. This really adds a satisfying edge to the plot and lore based smut that uses the story context to full advantage.
  • Protect and Service... Beastmen! (5 Stories of Magical Monster Sex) on July 29, 2017

    This is a bit more darker than E.Z. usual stories but that is all to the good because boy does little miss Mercy need to be taken down a peg. This is very much a story aimed at those who have that obnoxious coworker they'd love to see humbled and dominated, as Mercy's racism and bigotry is constantly getting pounded down...along with her. The elements of noncon are well blended with Mercy's rising lust for the taboo nature of her bestial fuckings, the more she fights it, the more she likes the fact that she's constantly losing the struggle. Worth the read, buy now.