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Smashwords book reviews by Ann Aguilar

  • The Girl Across the Water on April 28, 2011

    I thought, it will be a boring story and a cliche. I couldn't make myself read beyond Chapter four, so I skip. I read the last four chapters of the book but I end up going back and read the entire book. Intriguing story and surprising. I thought it is another ghost story but it is more like a mystery. The author made a fantastic job. I applaud the author and give her two thumbs up! Congratulation! I Love it! Exciting Story, it is worth reading!
  • Spider Mouth on Sep. 13, 2011

    I was intrigued by the spiders coming out from the mouth, book passages and the culprit. Unfortunately, I am bit disappointed. I was waiting for some kind of excitement and some action. I was waiting that after chapter three it will captivate me, but it didn't. I had waited after 98 pages later and got interested in the story, on Chapter sixteen. I was scanning and skimming through the 456 pages and looking for something interesting which I found on the last twelve chapters. A tragic ending. Speaking for myself, I think it is a cliche. Although it is well written, I wish that you have shown the other side of the story. I must had missed it or something. I am a fan of CSI but the series always takes me back to how the culprit had done it. Maybe this is not my cup of tea.