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The future of reading is ebooks, and the future is NOW!

Imajin (pronounced just like 'imagine') Books* is an innovative publisher of quality fiction in ebook and trade paperback editions. We're also the home of Imajin Qwickies (novella imprint) and Ogopogo Books (children's imprint). You'll find our books at Amazon, KoboBooks, Smashwords and other ebook and print retailers.

We are a small, independent Canadian publisher and we operate as a traditional publisher in some ways (yet we're anything but "traditional"), offering small advances and above standard royalties. We are NOT a subsidy publisher and we do not charge upfront fees to our authors. See our submission guidelines.

We are an electronic publisher (ebooks) and a print publisher (via Createspace), and we offer solutions to authors looking for publication who do not want to self-publish.

Our authors will have input regarding their book title and cover design, and will be considered part of our team. As the publisher, we will creatively market your books online with passion and dedication, and we expect the same in return from our authors.

To book lovers, libraries and retailers:
Imajin Books will provide you with countless hours of entertainment in various ebook formats and select trade paperbacks. You'll love our books!

To readers: Join our Imajin Books Inner Circle (IBIC) and you could win free ebooks, ereaders and more.

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