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Smashwords book reviews by chickrocking

  • The Night Walk Men on June 22, 2011

    This is my first book by John MycIntrye. It makes me want to read more of his writings. The layout of the story was something that is not always seen. With it being told a character in the book it has a totally different feel than most books. It captures you from the start. You want the story to go on forever. When you come to the end you crave more pages to read and more words so excellently written. Great book to pick up to give you a taste of MycIntrye's books. Very glad I did. Would recommend this book to my family and friends without a second thought.
  • Within: A Short Story on June 25, 2011

    Good little short story. Would love to what happen when Beth leaves the office. Short stories, especially this one, leave you wanting to know more.
  • Locked In (Zombie Bedtime Stories, #1) on Aug. 16, 2011
    (no rating)
    A fun to read short story Quick paced, easy to read Perfect to length to be able to sit and read in on sitting A new great twist on zombie stories. You do not feel like you have read this a million times Zombie with a conscious is a new take on take on zombies Limited gore so perfect for those who do not want a book full of blood and guts Zombie fans will enjoy When you come to the end you are glad to know there will be more books coming Makes you want to read more by Thea as soon as you can Pick up this book. Do not miss out on the fun little story. A must read.
  • Surprise on Aug. 16, 2011

    Nice little short story Age play story (keep in mind while reading) Not a story for those who are uncomfortable with age play and other kinks Mild erotica/Mild BDSM Erotica could have been more descriptive since it is labeled as an erotic story You feel like you came in somewhere in the middle of a story. A more in-depth beginning and ending would make it more enjoyable More description of the characters and their relationship would have helped the reader to get to know them better Would be wonderful if the story was longer Ending could have been a tad better. I think erotica should have a clear, to the point ending, even if more stories based off these characters With the way the story ended it does leave it open for a possible longer stories based on the characters relationship A small taste of the author's style of writing
  • Are These Eyeballs on Aug. 18, 2011

    Two great horror stories in one book Each story very different than the other. Shows off the authors ability to write in different ways. The first story "Are These Eyeballs" is a great Halloween tale that reminds us all how scary Halloween can really be. With the children and parents as part of the story even grown-ups will see the fright that Halloween night can bring. The second story "The Cubicle" was a deeper more intense story. I loved how the second story was written. Struggling with inner demons is something we all do at some point in our lives. As I read "The Cubicle" at times I was not sure if the man was sitting in his cubicle still or at this place going through this fight, really makes you think. Both stories add up to one very good book. For fans of horror I say it is a must read. "Are These Eyeballs" has the scare and gore horror fans loves. "The Cubicle" has the darker,deeper, more intense story that makes you think, always a nice change of pace from blood and guts.
  • Mommy, Where Do Baby Unicorns Come From? on Aug. 18, 2011

    All kids imagine unicorns and wonder where they come from Innocence in children is very much a part of the story A very short story but a very complete story Well written A fantasy tale that you will enjoy Not a story to read to your child, it is for adults A happy yet sad story Enjoyed seeing into the child's mind Her daily life could have been a little shorter with more details into the unicorn given Pick this story up. A free story.