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Smashwords book reviews by chipuni

  • Argo on June 30, 2011

    Argo is a meditation on consciousness and creativity. Lily, an engineer, creates and updates ani-droids: anthropomorphic machines that serve humanity. By accident, Lily meets Eo, who is both an ani-droid... and a creative engineer. From spending time with Eo, Lily starts asking herself difficult questions: Can a machine be creative? Can a machine have personal desires? Can a machine be more than the sum of her programming? Rick Griffin has thought hard about the world that could set up his situation. Every part of the story fits together perfectly, creating a perfect jewel of a story. The story has two weaknesses. Since they both give away major plot points, I have encoded them under ROT-13: Guvf fgbel vf qrrcyl fvzvyne gb Qb Naqebvqf Qernz bs Ryrpgevp Furrc ol Cuvyvc X. Qvpx Gur svefg jrnxarff vf gung Yvyl'f orunivbe vf abg zhpu qvssrerag sebz Rb'f orunivbe (rkprcg sbe gur uvture fgnghf gung Yvyl unf nf n uhzna, naq gur qrrcre xabjyrqtr gung Rb unf.) Vs gurl unq orra zber qvfgvapg, gur erirny jbhyq unir orra zber fhecevfvat. Gur frpbaq jrnxarff vf gur punenpgre bs Zbgure, jub perngrq Rb. Nf fbzrbar jub jnagf gb xabj jung unccrarq, V nccerpvngr Zbgure'f vasbezngvba. Ohg Zbgure unf ab fgebat ernfba gb tvir ure ybat fcrrpu naq qrzbafgengvba ng gur raq bs gur abiry -- rfcrpvnyyl fvapr Zbgure unf gur novyvgl gb vzcynag zrzbevrf. Vs fbzrbar oernxf vagb n ubhfr, ohg bayl trgf nf sne nf gur svefg ebbz orsber orvat fgbccrq, gura gurer'f ab ernfba gb thvqr gur vagehqre guebhtu nyy bs gur ubhfr'f frpergf orsber gur vagehqre'f zvaq vf jvcrq. Gur fgbel jbhyq unir orra zber rssrpgvir unq gur znva punenpgref arire zrg Zbgure qverpgyl, naq unq fubja gur erirny yrff qverpgyl -- creuncf ol svaqvat n ivqrb qvnel. Nonetheless, this story is excellent, and it's very worth reading. I hope that Rick Griffin continues to write and to grow as a writer.