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  • Puppets Have Feelings on Feb. 03, 2013

    I laughed a lot. The funniest scene is the one when the puppet shows its emotions(gangsters have), it has been training on for a long time and you cannot really see any difference. The writing style is easy, a bit ironic and the type fonds are good to read. The puppet likes erotic dance. The author puts much effort in drawing the puppet and comic strips. After all I was encouraged to watch some movies I have not seen yet to understand the scenes the puppet is referring to.
  • The Ultimate Guide To The Face Yoga Method on June 18, 2020

    160 pages Table of contents with functioning links; link to free training FAQs; see your future face, 3 thermal imaging photos Dos and Don'ts Face yoga, face zone structure and excercises very well explained Benefit and summary of excercies Many motivating photos of excercises (mostly 2-3 per excercise; sometimes every step with picture): you can do excercises even without reading the text. 3 Work out plans; stress tips; bonus chapters i.e. diet, skin care
  • Tourism Geography in Russia on June 18, 2020

    390 pages Abstract, ToC with links tourism from Soviet time, GUS, today Russia foreign toursim, internal tourism; where tourists go many quantitative data on tourism development in countries and regions Map of main tourist zones. Description of zones Accurate tourism, geographic sites (like amber coast near Kaliningrad, towns) weather, rivers, forests, town name, population, recreational and touristic sites and tourism infrastructure, also % of Russia uses international sources on prognosis and proof of toursim development terminological glossary More pictures of main tourist sites would have been better.
  • Traditional Irish Farmhouse Cooking on June 18, 2020

    65 pages Words, differences, use and history of cooking stew, casseroles, soup worldwide and Irish cooking short author bio 9 stews 8 casseroles 10 soups (also some vegetarian) recipes and describes how it tastes number of servings; correct preparation and cooking time American and European measurement units appetizing photo to each recipe sometimes 1 ingredients on the photo not included in recipe (carrots in Cider and pork stew; peas in Kerry Beef and Guiness Casserole [Casserole was not as dark as on photo]). Ingredients, Cooking methods well described. Tastes and smells good. I varied the recipes: fry and cook only in one casserole. add 200ml more cider at the end; use chili mustard not normal mustard, Kerry casserole: use more vegetables (potatoes), less boiling water, meat and fat.
  • 15 Minute Indian Cooking on June 18, 2020

    Introduction, 20 recipes 5 rice and 5 Indian flat bread recipes Spices, oil, description of Indish terms, Spice meter of dishes; Ingredients; short numbered cooking instructions. Difficult layout: recipe after recipe (some begin at page bottom); good: reading mark link to recipes work ( bad: direct link from Table of contents did not work at me) Some layout: bold titles, spaces: name of recipe, Ingredients, cooking instructions no photos of recipes/ dish