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Smashwords book reviews by Christopher Riley

  • The Letter on Dec. 01, 2011

    This is a terrific story though I thought it should be longer. I'll check out your others. Really liked it! CR
  • The Watchman on Dec. 01, 2011

    This is a great story but agan how come its so short? Please write some long ones. Your a great writer! CR
  • The Mirror on Dec. 01, 2011

    I think this story would be good for TV. I like your imagination. Great CR
  • The Best Friend on Dec. 01, 2011

    I wasn't expexting that... I like the way you write stories but would like them longer. Other than too short, their outstanding. CR
  • Soul Survivors on Dec. 01, 2011

    I was surprised you killed off the kids. Didn't think that was where the story plot was going. Great ending thoguh. CR
  • The Magic Bag on Dec. 01, 2011

    this was good because it showed how someone can be good in one way (or more) and psychotic in other ways. Im sold on your writing. Good job cr
  • The Window on Dec. 01, 2011

    now this story is my favorite. I could picture it all. Awesome CR
  • Wishful Thinking on Dec. 01, 2011

    veyr good story telling. cr
  • The Lost Moments on Dec. 01, 2011

    of all your stories, this had me thinkng alot. Your a great writer but do some longer ones! cr
  • The End Of Time on Dec. 02, 2011

    the best of them all! Totally got me on this one! Great and clever writing. cr
  • The Snow Globes on Dec. 02, 2011

    Great story telling! Nice job! cr
  • Murder On The Mountain on Dec. 02, 2011

    Great story but ending surprisd me. I agree! cr
  • When Is Ever After? on Dec. 07, 2011

    Absolutely great. I think there's people like that in every office and we all ignore them becuase they're not flashy. I really thought this was well thought out. Would like this to be a longer story, though. cr
  • Amanda Ackers and The Deep Forest Elves on Feb. 22, 2012

    So it took me 3 weeks to get through this and at first the italics threw me. BUT once I got past that I had a hard time putting the story down to do important stuff-like go to work. This is a great story but needs to be on the big screen to get the full effect. So many things going one thatkept me riveted. And if this is Book 1 can't wait to see Book 2. How much longer until you get it onto here? I need to know what happens, man!