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  • Towers to Nowhere on June 23, 2013

    I stopped reading it after the people left Bendery and it was remarked that one Tatar came to Palestine and found a true calling in killing Arabs. That is a microscopic subplot, and the offending sentence stood out like a "public service announcement" from the Ministry of Genocide and Racism. A total loss of narative voice. But it also seemed to spill the author's guts, destroying the tension so carefully built up over the previous 230 pages. What would they call it in computer programming: a fatal error that cannot be recovered from? It is one thing to start telling a story partly to discover where it will take you (and the reader), quite another to deliver it safely once you've started to realize what message you've been sent to deliver. I must confess, speaking of plot-spoilers, that someone who'd read the book and its sequel told me what in general happened in the rest. I remarked that the book did not have one ending, but three of them, and somebody should ask the author why he didn't make up his mind.